[cosplay] keys of destiny

Started by Kite, December 16, 2010, 09:47:25 PM

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 I was wondering if someone could give me a critique about the keys I've made and also any other ways I can improve my technique to make my props look even better.

Additionally I was also wondering if they are even worthy enough of being sold.



I don't know anything about cosplay or prop making, but they look pretty cool to me. I think I personally prefer the black one over the white one because of the frame.
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the black one is the keyblade, oblivion. The white one is the keyblade, oathkeeper.

they're from the PS2 game Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts 2

So tell me more about the frame please.


From just the photos they look nice and seem to be excellent quality props. a person would probably have to see them in person to make a final decision on whether they would or wouldn't buy the props.

What'd you use in the construction of them? I can make a few guesses and assumptions but I'd like to see what you have to say in regards to that.
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I used a wooden core for both keyblades as a baseline to build off of as well for the sake of stability.

Afterward I then used cardboard to get the relative shape and design of it.

Then I used a type of polymer for detail work, then paper mache, and finally painted it.

But with closer examination you can tell some of the details and paint job was a bit crooked.