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Quote from: Barnes on February 22, 2011, 07:33:51 PM
You mean 10 at night? That sounds okay to me.
woah wat?  I think Ginryuu meant during the morning.

(10:30's A-OK by me)


Yes, I do very much mean 10:30 in the morning.  Sorry if you were trying to make a joke or something, but sarcasm doesn't really translate well in type.  >.>;;

I'm aware that this can be uncomfortably early for some.  Hell, I need to get up early enough to put on my eyebrows before going down and I need to be there early to sign in at the cosplay table and meed the early-comers.  And I'm normally a sleep-till-noon kind of person.  But this is CON!  *does Sparta kick*  WHO NEEDS SLEEP WHEN WE HAVE COSPLAY!  SHOW US YOUR FIGHTING SPIRIT!

That being said, because I understand this can be considered early is why I'm giving the option of changing days.  I wish I could do full-body make-up and get into costume in an hour so I could put this at 12, I really do.  If anybody finds me a time-pocket I'll be glad to oblige with this.   ;)

Alright, so that all being said...I've got 2 people ok with 10:30 in the morning...and one who is very confused?  Any more opinions on this?


I'm fine with 10:30am as well *ain't confused no more*  ;D
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Yay, Haruko.


Haha alrighty then!

That's 3 people who are good for 10:30 in the morning on Saturday (4 if you count me =P) ...out of the what...16 people who have shown interest so far?  Awesome.  I'm spamming people tomorrow!


Still getting replies from my spam trickling in...but here's something that comes up:

The 10:30 time is too close to the pokemon gathering and we have people who want to attend that.  SO!  Would pushing it up to just flat-out 10am work?  Or at this rate should we just go for something on Monday so we can have a later time?

And thus I satisfy my true purpose for posting...thread bump.  =P


NO 10 PLEASE, sorry for a little outburst but wont be here monday so i'd prefer a 30 minute gathering rather then somthing cant attend


Well that settles it then!  I can't do Sunday...and we have other people who can't do friday or monday.  What I can do is poke my good friend the TB gathering organizer and see when the start time is and MAYBE have a later start time.  See these strings?  Imma gonna pull them.  >=3


Quote from: Barnes on December 22, 2010, 06:55:48 PM
Actually, you can go ahead and schedule the gathering at the same time as my planned panel, if it comes down to that (I just remembered that Redroses had to miss the 2009 gathering in exchange for a panel, so who am I to complain? XD)
That was a fun panel (though I hardly go on AV now unfortunately do to time restraints). Anywho...

I PMed you (Ginryuu) on coscom because I just noticed it when I was randomly searching for something. Sorry for the late reply on that!

I'll probably tag along as a photographer this year instead. But thanks once again for helping out last year since I was oblivious to what I was bloody doing haha.


Yes perfect! I'll be doing Nia Tepplin on Saturday with NichiChan~
Short haired 8D


redroses:  No worries!  Glad to lend my loud, booming, manly voice to a lady in distress.  ;)  I'll put you down as a photographer too!

cupcakess:  Yay short hair Nia!  People always pick her long-hair version so that will be fun!

AND GOOD NEWS FOR ALL!  It looks like the TB gathering can shift back an which case noon would be the time I would pick.  This is personally preferred for me...but figured I'd ask others too.


Quote from: redroses3164 on March 02, 2011, 12:00:17 PMThat was a fun panel (though I hardly go on AV now unfortunately do to time restraints). Anywho...


I'll probably tag along as a photographer this year instead. But thanks once again for helping out last year since I was oblivious to what I was bloody doing haha.

Good to hear from you, RR.  :) (we miss you on AV, XD)

In any case, me hope me get new camera to take nicer pictures in time for Fanime, blah blah blah.
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Yay, Haruko.


OK Guys.  So busy times for me are slowing down a tad.  And I just realized we never discussed a location!  (hurp durp)

Last year we were at the Fountains in Front Convention Entrance.  And this worked well I think.  The fountains themselves made for EPIC background detail barf.  But the problem being we attracted a lot of photographers last year and the entrance got blocked.  So I'm going to swing it around to the side a bit.  We'll still be at the fountains, but on the Hilton side (because the gatherings on either side of us are taking the Marriott side and i don't want do deal with crowding.

So to make sure we keep this amazing time spot, I went and submitted our request.


Also going to start taking shot requests. I'll compile a basic list when brain is less fried.


Sorry for my prolonged absence. I am stationed at Yokota AFB so as you can imagine I've been just a bit busy as of late. I will still be able to attend as I haven't committed to any other gatherings so any time is fine.
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Omg I hope that you're doing well and are safe.  Glad to hear you can still make it though!


Wow have we really been quiet for a month?

Anyways, now that the monster known as Finals has been conquered lets get down to business.  *shakes fist in Rossieu's general direction for all the paperwork*

What kind of shots do people want?  Right now I sent this list into confirmation:
-Bad Guys
-Pre Timeskip
-Post Timeskip

If there is anything specific you guys would like to see under Requests let me know.


Too bad we don't have a Guame nor a Straea* in the group. I was thinking of a reenactment request for them, but other than that...

*= Straea is a manga adaption exclusive character, as seen in vol. 5.

Although I could ask again for the manga fight scene between Kittan and Kamina
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Yay, Haruko.


Haha ask for whatever!  Just make sure to make it extra clear what you want so we can set it up right. even, especially if it's something obscure.

We also got Double K Adiane and Viral coming...they replied over on the cos-com forum!  Woohoo for two more!


Double K cosplayers? oh man awesome.


Anyone just read the new special guest anouncements?
HALKO MAMOI IS COMING BACK TO PREFORM AND HAVE PANEL, So in honor of the one who sung TTGL songs: Sorario days and happily ever after coming back for her 3rd year in a row. I propose we have a second gathering at music fest during her performance.


I will most likely not be able to go.  I have a very packed costume schedule this year (10 costumes so far!) So won't be in Kittan anymore after the first part of the day.

I do encourage that anybody who wants to should talk about it at the gathering and work out something though, that sounds like it'd be fun!