Hotel age question?

Started by Tabbychan, January 15, 2011, 06:11:29 AM

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So I've been asked this by a few people and now I'm curious. Most hotel's need the person checking in to be 21+ . I have a few friends who checked into the hotels using the fanime deals and stuff and their all over 19 but under 21. Will they get their reservation taken away come con time even though they have the money?


The first few years I've gone to Fanime I was under 21 and the hotel was under my name with my card. If anything they might charge extra deposit, but I doubt the hotel would cancel their reservation.


You can always call the hotel to see what their policy is.
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I've checked into a hotel when I was 16, I didn't know there was a age requirement.

But its always good to check.
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Last time I checked it was 18.
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You can always just go check the hotel's branch website.
Last time I checked, all the hotels around the convention center were 18 and +.

Weird though since I checked into the Hilton last year and they didn't even check my id.
Just needed a name and the card I used to reserve.

But yeah, go check the hotel's policies.

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It's always good to make sure and call them beforehand...

Side story:

I was trying to find a motel and there was one where I tried checking in, but apparently only 21+ people could check in so I was denied. I remember being able to check into the same motel company before, so I asked what was up. Apparently it varies within (was it cities, counties?) so if I went one city over, I was allowed to check in there.
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