Va tournaments

Started by Tsuruneru, January 20, 2011, 07:51:06 AM

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Are there going to be any voice acting tournaments at the fanimecon this year? Like AX Idol just wondering.


I have never heard of such a thing at Fanime, and I have been there 4 other times. This would be interesting though, and might really draw a crowd if it turns out to be fun. But how would it work exactly, what are you imagining?
Would it be like making up the lines? Would it be like watching a video and saying the lines that are printed out? In Japanese maid cafes, there is a game like that, and the customer can act with the maids. I got a video of it when I went to Japan, maybe it will give you some ideas:


More or less something like this. This has actual voice actors are like judges telling you how you sound and such. Take a look.