[ART] Charm Box

Started by Kite, January 25, 2011, 08:20:40 PM

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 This was more or less a project idea I had

So I was wondering if I could get a critique for this because I was wondering if I should attempt something like this if I ever decide to do something at the artist gallery.


You have a nice idea there... but if its a charm inside a box then its really a display case for a charm inside!...
(please don't feel upset, i still like the idea, but I know you can do better)
I Also  noticed you did took alot of hard work for it to be made, but I am guessing the materials Are expensive to use..
try using materials that are kinda affordable and cheap to make something extroadinary....sooo.....

My advise is maybe do something like this!:: so you have a nice charm.... but maybe add a nice background to it followed by some small clouds in the foreground...

There was this ONE GUY who used marvel cards in the same character sets of 5-8 layers and cut them into pieces to form a pop up feature using foam tape.....
its a nice idea but again, $40 price tag (non holofoils) and $60 price tag (halofoils) does raises some questions. he did sell them but I really cannnot tell how much he sold O_O!..... I ususally call him the marvel guy XD....

anyway keep up the good work, if your feelings are hurt, don't be, I'm doing the best i can to make you feel stronger as a sales person and some advise for some new ideas to be added!
I wish you the best of luck!


 Well the costs for materials in building it didn't really cost much. (I won't say how much though . . . .)

But the most costly part of it was time in making the internal charm and wood burning some of the symbols.

If the idea is workable I could try a new formulation idea to see what looks better. But my greatest concern is if anyone thinks it's worthwhile to have.