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Started by Eri Kagami, January 26, 2011, 05:32:26 PM

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Eri Kagami

Thought I'd start a thread up for this.

Date: TBA
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Since Fanime has had a long history of showcasing live action Asian entertainment, I thought this panel would be a great fit for Fanime Con. I've run this panel before as "Awesomely Bad Filipino Movies" at PMX. This is the panel shows clips from various Filpino media including anime dubs (sing along to the Sailor Moon theme - in Tagalog!), over the top action movies (Fernando Poe Jr, anyone?), laugh out loud to the comedy stylings of Dolphie, cringe at the over acting in soap operas and dramatic movies, root for PacMan as he goes up against a giant crab, pinoys so fabulous that they make bishies look like Kamina, and much, much more!

We had a great turn out at PMX wherein we had people (of all ethnicities) standing in the aisles laughing along to the clips shown.

If you have any suggestions of any clips or movies I should check out prior to Fanime, do let me know. This panel is all for fun and poking fun at the over the top entertainment that Filipinas has to offer.


I honestly never really thought about Filipino anime dubs and movies at Fanime. Sound like a good idea, considering the demographic of the area.
I'm a fan of Dolphy and Rex Navarette. I also remember watching Filipino dubbed anime when I was in PI several years ago; the dub with the accents and PI localization was more entertaining than the anime itself. (ex. Sailor Moon's hair = pan de sal)  ;D

Eri Kagami

I've seen the Tagalog dubs of Bleach, Prince of Tennis, Hitman Reborn, and Toradora. I saw Sailor Moon in Tagalog years ago. The Bleach dub is pretty crazy and pretty cool. The top ten of Filipino Idol had recurring roles in the dub. Imagine Kelly Clarkson as Rukia and Clay Aiken as Ichimaru!

I love Rex and Dolphy too. I've seen Rex live a few times when I used to live up in the Bay Area. Dolphy is a huge part of my childhood and so was Rene Requistas (which I do have tons of material of him for this panel).

Good to see some interest for this panel. I'm thinking about renaming it "WowowWTF?! Filipino Entertainment." I think this would really fly at Fanime given that the demographic is very much Filipino and it ties in with Asian entertainment and geek culture since I do plan to show Tagalog dubbed anime clips and Filipino parodies of American super heroes. It's all for fun. ^^

Also a few clips from the live action rendition of Lupin III will be shown.

Mr. Wendell

If you show Wapakman, barring my SZ commitments, I'll be front and center.

You can't beat the Filipino English dubs of Voltes 5.

That or we need more Darna.  A LOT OF DARNA.  I might pay money to see someone cosplay as Darna.
They hate this awful face, gonna cause **** in this place.

Mr. Wendell
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Eri Kagami

I'll have to look for the DVD. Perhaps I should look it up at the local STARRY STARRY STORE!!

Would love to have you there, Wendell!

Say, could I promote this panel at Stage Zero?