$50 Hilton fee?

Started by SpiritOfKairi, January 26, 2011, 10:11:37 PM

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Hi, this will be my first time staying at the Hilton for Fanime, and I heard that there's a possible $50 fee regarding how clean you leave the room.  Can someone who stayed at the Hilton last year please tell me if this is simply a waiver?  If needed I can bring a camera and take pictures of the room to prove my roommate and I didn't make a mess in there.  Thanks!


I didn't stay at the Hilton, but I believe pretty much all the hotels are doing this and it is just something you have to sign off on. If you are not messy, you should be fine, but I would take pictures anyways, just as proof in case you need it. Mix ups do happen and it's better to be safe than footing the bill for someone else's trash, you know?


One of the housekeepers at the Hilton last year was talking to me while she picked up my room.  She said that the room next door to me was so bad it would take two maids to clean it.  I have never been charged for my room being too dirty, but I have heard horror stories.  Try talking to the housekeeping staff while you are there, they are actually very friendly.  Photo's are good to have if you're worried.
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All hotels have a policy like this. I think the ammount can vary depending on the damages to the room or how big of a mess you left it. It's part of the deposit policy.


Yeah, we had a really messy room last year and then cleaned it up before we checked out, so as long as the maids aren't doing extra work to clean your room then it should be ok and you shouldn't get charged.
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Thanks, everyone!  I was cool with a waiver, but didn't want to be slapped with a potential $50 fee upon checking in.  Think I'll take the precaution and take pictures of the room so in case there's a mix up at checkout, we can prove we didn't trash the place (I've heard of this happening before).  It makes sense if all hotels are doing it, though, since they do have to cover themselves in case people make a huge mess and don't bother cleaning it up.  However, that shouldn't be a problem with us since we're pretty good about keeping things orderly.


It's pretty standard even not during conventions. Housekeeping staff have a certain amount of time allotted to them to clean each room - if a room is particularly awful they need to be able to pay twice as many staff, or the same staff twice as long as normal, as well as potentially replace anything that's so dirty or damaged it can't be cleaned. At cons in particular, stained towels and pillowcases are a big one, due to cosplay hair dye situations, but the same holds true for anyone spilling things on the sheets or carpet, for example.


QuoteAt cons in particular, stained towels and pillowcases are a big one, due to cosplay hair dye situations, but the same holds true for anyone spilling things on the sheets or carpet, for example.

Yeah when I first heard about the possible fee, I was told it was because some con-goers had made messes in their rooms by dyeing things last minute for cosplays.  It makes sense that they charge those fees if you make a mess to cover the costs of the extra help needed to clean the room, regardless of the occasion, though.  Heh I was actually talking to my roommate about this earlier and they said, "We're not gonna make a mess in there anyway.  Besides, it's not like we're gonna be in the room much."  I still want to take a couple pictures though, just in case there's a mix-up at checkout.


Marriott did this to me last year, took about $100 right away on top of the payment for the room. This wasn't an issue to me, but it was a surprise. I was pretty sure the use of my card was the *deposit* to begin with, but it seems they want some of that cash right away. This year I'm doing the Hilton, but I'm sure it'll be the same.


They just want to probably scare you to not leave clothes, cosplay items, and luggages laying everywhere while your out having fun, having their staff pick up after you like a mother and her 5 year old kids lol. Just tighty up before you head out haha
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I wouldn't say it's necessarily 50$ but it can range.
Any hotel will have this contingency and that's why they make you give a deposit the price of a nights stay.
Just keep in mind that if you destroy the room they know who you (Or who paid for the room) are even if you pay for everything and might blacklist >_>