anybody here play Battlefield Heroes?

Started by L0Lpants, February 06, 2011, 12:43:14 PM

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i'm just wondering if there is anybody here who does by chance because if there is, it'd be nice to play with people who aren't FPS douchebags who loosely use the term "noob" to describe others.

If interested, just ask for my player name, search & hit me up so we can kick ass & take names just for the lolz.
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N00b is pretty much used by the entire gaming community =P
Though we have been using Scrub more often over here in Halo.

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i'm not saying that everybody who uses the word "noob" is a douch. It's just when the people who use it commonly tend to be assholes about it when they got a higher score than everybody else, ya know?
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1. Usually in casuals or elsewhere that don't matter, it's been mentioned all the time.  People who are offended shouldn't take it so seriously because no one will care next day and so forth.

2. In competition (or at least practice), it is part of the game.  You can take it as a grain of salt to fuel competitiveness, ignore it and move along, OR move on to a different game altogether.  You make that choice.
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