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Your favorite Anime Villains

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It's the bad guys that drive the story. Some more than others. Some I really love to hate. Some of these villains are great multi-dimensional characters that don't always make the sexy spotlight just because they're the antagonist. Let's start a thread on your favorite baddies.

I'll go first. >_>

I actually have 3. The first is Aku from  Samurai Jack . For being the grand evil shapeshifting master of darkness, Aku ironically relies upon the foiled attempts of minions to take out Samurai Jack -- which makes for some pretty good comic relief.

The second is Hisoka from  Hunter x Hunter. What I love about this guy is that, like his nen type states, he's unpredictable. While the other villains and protagonists of the anime may have clear motives and goals, Hisoka likes to keep you guessing. He receives some sort of erotic satisfaction from killing difficult opponents, which makes for excellent antagonist material. I honestly follow hunterxhunter just so I can see how Hisoka prepares Gon to become his next meal.

Lastly, there's this silly guy in an orange mask who appears to have more nefarious goals than his outward persona appears to let on...


It's a bit late to add this but I have to go with The Claw from Gun X Sword. There aren't a whole lot of other villains that hug people to death.

Harry Macdowell from GunGrave. Not villainous in the classical sense. Just lost his way, his thinking twisted by his childhood and a subsequent obsession with power and true freedom on a scale that no human has.

Brilliant series, btw. I must have seen it over 10 times, and each time I pick up on new dimensions to the characters, that come through in the dialogue. Amazing ost too that suits the atmosphere of the show. It's to be expected from a creator-composer team like yasuhiro nightow and tsuneo imahori.

well... i would choose Angela/Ashe from Kuroshitsuji. since it is an angle you would think that it would be the hero but in reality it dose more damage trying to purify souls then to let the world be
then number two would be Azula (i know avatar is a cartoon but its art is based on anime so) since she tries to control people through fear due to her mommy problems in the past she seem like the villain that you almost want to sympathies for

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