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Started by AstrayRed 0, February 21, 2011, 01:44:56 PM

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Hannah! Why are you so cute! ;w; The horns came out good too!

I still need to get Red tennis shoes and a way to make my arms gray ;n; But I'm happy since I'm getting my Terezi glasses and paint tmrw.
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I need to hunt down a store that sells Ben Nye makeup ;u;

Yaso Magatsuhi

Oh boy you guys, Fanime is in like 3 days! I can barely contain my excitement.

Been wondering if any people who have worn a Zentai suit in the past for like a Exile/Guardian cosplay had any uncomfortable experiences, so I can prepare for any sort of mishaps that may happen. Since will be my first time being in one for an extended period of time. Do they usually get really hot?

Other than that, my Harlequin Jack is 98% complete! Just gotta finish attaching the various pieces to the suit.

I hope I look half as good as alot of the photos ive seen from previous MSPA gatherings.



Need to get sleeves for my gloves, paint my horns, add the collar and the pauldrons to the dress, and possibly acquire pluritudes of 8-sided dice.

So happy. ::::) Can't wait.



quadhonk: Oh I'm sure, especially with the giant horns. But as far as going through doors, yeah, I'd imagine that'd be tricky.
Unless you like, side limbo your way in or something. xD;
Lol I think if you're a chick, the "not shaved sides of the head" is totally excusable, but gawd you look so adorable in that shot! And slightly worried, but I guess that's fine if you're doing Tavros lol.

Chazo: I can't offer any real insight, as I can't get in contact with my friend that has worn a zentai suit.
Since the one you got is probably black [ just assuming ], you'll probably get a little hot just because black absorbs heat, so stay hydrated.

In other news, I finally found a plastic sickle at my local costume shop.
I should probably feel bad for not having made the damn thing, but I couldn't argue with two bucks.
Still need to style the wig and put the sign on my shirt somehow.




Also, @ all of the Vriska Cosplayers in need of blue lipstick, i've found an easy fix; Make your own. It's easy!

Take some Blue eyeshadow and mix it vaseline. Looks just like coloured lip gloss!


Quote from: AstrayRed 0 on May 21, 2011, 02:59:08 PM
Sorry I have not updated the info yet, was real busy in the past few weeks with school work and my birthday (May 13, friday the 13, still was a good day though) Totally forgot I turned off my email notifier thing for this thread, got it confused with my staff mail for the con, so sorry.

Anyway, I hope you guys are putting the finishing touches on your cosplays. I know I am (These damn Eridan pant stripes)

I am liking that idea with the shipping quadrant playing cards pictures, we should try that out  :D

So yeah, planning to have games and a picnic in the park if you haven't heard, don't think i posted that in the main MSPA forums but i mentioned a little on mspachan.

I'll be the Eridan wwith a Gamzee on saturday, near the CG booth in the morning, if I am working the morning shift, who knows.
And the other days I'll John it up. (with a botched haircut noneless)

Let me update that god forsaken list first

thanks for updating the list! should we bring food to the picnic or will it be provided?

AstrayRed 0

The picnic is sort of like a potluck, sorry for clarifying this so late (GOG 2 DAYS!!!!)

Ill be bringing some drinks and some board james, er- games.

Anyone can bring whatever they want, as long it doesn't need electrical sockets.


Sometimes, I go into space. Sometimes, I don't come back. Sometimes, it's a wind-up for a ROCKET PUNCH.


@SunshineDuk Ohhhh myyyyyy Gogggggg you're so fabulous. I can't wait! Tomorrow! Saturday! ::::D

AstrayRed 0

Oh man I am so excited!

Herd there was a Jade and Doc scratch today in line
Didn't see em since i was trying to find the CG department gathering  :'(

But hey, maybe ill see some of you tomorrow, and of course, at the gathering.

Also, updating the meeting list, since we could only get the the entrance lobby area and fountains in front, Hilton side, since the PKMN gathering is in the park =(
We could still slam down a few faygos somewhere though.


Quote from: AstrayRed 0 on May 26, 2011, 11:57:52 AM
The picnic is sort of like a potluck, sorry for clarifying this so late (GOG 2 DAYS!!!!)

Ill be bringing some drinks and some board james, er- games.

Anyone can bring whatever they want, as long it doesn't need electrical sockets.

cool, will do - i hope people like cereal haha. thx for da clarification, dawg!

Quote from: SunshineDuk on May 26, 2011, 06:17:25 PM



those shades are too cool omg.....


Also I am totally not going to be in costume tomorrow, sorry guys, haha. I will be in costume Sat/Sun, but tomorrow I will just be chilling in my normal (super bonus sexy) clothes.

Sometimes, I go into space. Sometimes, I don't come back. Sometimes, it's a wind-up for a ROCKET PUNCH.


copy-pasted from someone on the mspa forums 'If nothing has been planned, I suggest somewhere in the lower hallways, since they are usually pretty empty, and outside is usually chockfull of meetings. If no one objects, that is.'

sounds like a good place for a few faygo-slams?


Oh and is it okay if I can read a story to you guys with Sollux's lisp?>u>;;


I wont be able to make it for the meeting this year D; But I will be going to Fanime either Sunday or Monday, if any of you are going to be going again and walking around~

AstrayRed 0

@Pino, that sounds great, after the fancy photos, we could totally chill somewhere in the halls.

@verifyy, that sounds 2upper  :D

Im the VriskaJohn whose staffing, accompanied by a Alpha Dave

Chilln like a villin


(Am I not supposed to post in gathering threads after the gathering? I hope this is okay.)

'Ello, everyone; the gathering was a lot of fun, though it was a lot more huge than I expected. I'd like to give a huge shoutout to the Eridan who got everything organized. He stepped up to a big task and did it well, despite various crises; I feel kinda bad that he wiped down so much of the chalk-covered wall on his own. He deserves major props for everything he did; if anyone knows him personally, give him a fistbump for me.

I've put my photos on DeviantArt, and I know they're getting cycled through Tumblr. I look forward to talking to everyone!
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