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Started by Kyra_Maverick, March 14, 2011, 06:33:35 PM

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I suggest including a button to pay for certain members of your group at a time. I like creating the account for all members in my group at once and then paying it off as I get their money. This way I know I haven't forgotten anyone. With the system as it is now, you have to pay for all unpaid members of your group at the same time.


I'm having this same problem. It's such a hassle to not be able to have each person just buy with their own card and having to go to each individual bank to get money, then put it all on one card to pay. It just makes more sense to have the option to pay individually.


I agree to, it would be much easier to have that option. Of course I know it's to late for that this year, but maybe in the future it could be possible?


We will take these suggestions into consideration. However, bear in mind that group reg was created for certain reasons and some of your suggestions run counter to those objectives. By no means will any other person be allowed to pay for the registration other than the group leader.

Thanks all
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