(WTS) PH Alice White Dress (L/XL), Wild ARMs XF, Digi Charat Clock

Started by Konekogami, March 31, 2011, 11:00:34 PM

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For Sale

Pandora Hearts, Alice White dress. $80.00


The dress is in great condition, and is made from a very thick silk I believe (Not the shiny cheap stuff) the only real flaw I can think of is the ribbon on the choker is held on by a safety pin (it came this way) and there's some minor fraying to the small ribbons.  When I commissioned this dress my measurements were as follows: Height: 5'8, Bust:41 inches, Waist:33 inches and Hips: 40 inches.

Wild ARMs XF for PSP $18.00

Digi Charat Wall Clock. $13.00


Payment: Paypal only. If you're interested in buying an item, PM me with the details of the item you want.

If you have a question about an item, or wish to make an offer, please feel free to do so. HOWEVER please reply in a timely matter. Basically if you have an interest in an item, I will put it on "hold" for you, but only for a couple of days at most. After that it goes to the person willing to pay right away.

Will I take offers? Yes. Reasonable ones. In other words, don't ask if you can buy the dress for $15 or something.

I will NOT accept trades.

After payment is received I will mail your item within 1-2 days.  If there is any delay I will contact you right away.

** If you wish for express shipping for any reason, it will cost extra.  How much depends on the item(s) you get.

Thank you!