GoW3 Beta: Thoughts

Started by TC X0 Lt 0X, April 17, 2011, 09:34:18 PM

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TC X0 Lt 0X

So I have been playing Beta sense Yesterday night. Some thoughts at first glance.

First off it plays extremely well and feels much like GoW1. It is not choppy and as flawed as GoW2. All the old weapons are there, with 2 new starting weapons: The Retro Lancer and Sawoff Shotgun.

The Sawoff Shotgun has less range and only a single bullet, but is extremely powerful. If it lands a blow you will likely drop. However you pretty much have to be point blank and if you miss you are Efed. Unless you are competent with your aim, use the Gnasher.

Then we have the Retro Lancer, the greatest flaw in the game right now. It is extremely poweful and while has a large bloomk window, can be ignored at close to mid range and burst fire will keep it on par with Hammerburst and Lancer on the Long. Not only this, but it has a Bayonet. By holding 'B' you can charge with it. If you clear a certain distance it is a Execution, otherwise, a normal beatdown damage. Even if it does not one shot you can quickly follow up with another beatdown or bullets. The Charge is extremely skill less and is pretty much the best way to sprint in the game, having little disadvantage other then having a timer, which incidentally returns to full right after you drop out of the charge, leaving only a moment of slow speed which is not to bad. Overall, it is very OP, at least compared to the Lancer and Hammerburst. Though the Gnasher remains at a advantage by a inch at close range, though it is quite possible to out do a Gnasher closeup with ease.

Overall a good improvement over GoW1, and definitely better then the disaster of Gow2.

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