A Message from Artist Alley 2011

Started by Sen, April 24, 2011, 02:33:49 PM

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Hello Everyone!

This is Claudia, the Director of the Fan Services Division which oversees the Artist Alley. I have been reading the forums and e-mails that people have been sending to Artist Alley staff. I agree that there have been some missteps this year which may have led to some frustration by you. Please bear in mind that we are indeed taking all that you say in to consideration especially for next year's Artist Alley.

The amount of interest that people have in our Artist Alley these past few years has gone far beyond our expectations. This year in particular we have received an overwhelming response for the limited number of tables we have this year. While we would like to accommodate every single one of you for Artist Alley we unfortunately cannot due to the amount of space we have.

In the mean time, the Artist Alley staff is trying their best to fulfill all of your requests. FanimeCon is completely staffed by unpaid volunteers and fans, like yourselves and we understand how frustrating this can be.

I thank you for your continued patience and making the Artist Alley the great showcase of art it is. We are almost there!

If you have any questions, concerns, or feedback do not hesitate to contact Artist Alley staff at [email protected]

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