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Started by MokurenTattoo, April 28, 2011, 09:22:08 PM

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I know this has probably been answered before, but I'd like an answer directed to me, just so I don't misunderstand what someone says in another thread.

So, I pre-registered for Fanime and my mother paid for it through PayPal, but it's under my name. I've been trying to get an ID so I can pick it up, but unfortunately I can't get one in time for Fanime. So, I was wondering since I'm fourteen, if perhaps my mother could pick up the badge with me there? Since she paid for it and all that? If not, is there any other way to get my pre-reg badge?
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I am in a similar situation in that I would still be a few months off from being an adult come Fanime. I have recently applied for a California ID although I probably won't get it on time, neither. I e-mailed the registration staff and here is what a representative has to say when responding to my question along with mentioning how my friends managed to get in with a school ID:

QuoteAs our ID policy stands, we cannot accept school IDs as valid forms of identification. Few exceptions are made for this rule, but because what we sell to members are memberships to the convention and not tickets, we need to be able to explicitly verify that the person who is picking up their badge is the same person whose name is on the the membership. School IDs are easy to forge and obtain, and as such we cannot use those for valid identification. Government-issued photo IDs (current non-expired passports, state ID cards, and driver's licenses) require more strict screening before they are issued to someone, so it's in our best interest to use those to verify a member's account when a member picks up their membership. Liability is another issue we have with school IDs; because they are easy to forge, it can be easy for a member to hide his or her identity in the case that we may have to pull them aside for questioning.

With that said, our standing policy is we cannot accept school IDs, and we also cannot guarantee the release of a membership to anyone who presents us with a school ID. Granted, your friends may say exceptions were made for them or otherwise, but exceptions are made on a case-by-case basis; and again, if a member presented us with a school ID fully expecting to pick up their membership we may not be able to release it to that member because we cannot verify that they are the same person whose name, address, and other information is on the membership. The only time we can accept a school ID is if a minor who is picking up his or her membership is accompanied by a legal parent or guardian who is able to present a valid government-issued photo ID in addition to the minor's school ID.

I strongly recommend that your friends obtain government-issued photo IDs and use those to pick up your memberships. I cannot stress enough that without a government-issued photo ID, we cannot guarantee that we will release a member's badge to them if they present a school ID.

In short, either come with your mother to pick it up or provide sufficient identification.

As for myself, I'm planning on bringing other documents along with my school ID and receipt from the DMV to prove that I tried to obtain a California ID, but it took too long (Hopefully it doesn't, but this looks like my last resort plan if that is to be the case.).
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Do either of you two have passports? Because those would work too! You don't necessarily need a state-issued ID to get your badge, but it has to be issued by the government.
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the best thing for ID issues is to email registrationATfanimeDOTcom so that they can assess your situation.
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