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I stepped and cracked my old copy of Guilty Gear XX  :cry: . I was wonder if any one has seen a copy that's for sale around. I have checked at local Game Stops, Toys R Us, Target's, and Electronic Boutiques. I was wondering if some of you have any idea where I can find a copy. I would go to Ebay but some of those prices are a bit too much.

If I were you, I would try to find a store like a GameStop or the like. That's where I got my copy.
But...I'm not really so sure where else to find it...maybe a flea market or somethin'. :?

there is always e-bay as well or used video game shops or hollywod video video game store.  :D

Oh yeah, eBay is good, but price-wise is all up to you.

You could always try and post a classified ad there, you might get hits for people wanting to off their GGXX (though I would have no clue why you want to dispose of such a great game). Aside from that, if you're in San Jose, you can go to a shopping center with a videogame store and pick it up. Just make some phone calls - it'll be more harrowing than ordering online, but if you have the means of transportation, you can get your Guilty Goodness within a day or two instead of a week or so.

My condolences to the poor broken GGXX CD.


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