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Guilty Gear XX

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--- Quote from: "0t4k00" ---I stepped and cracked my old copy of Guilty Gear XX  :cry: . I was wonder if any one has seen a copy that's for sale around. I have checked at local Game Stops, Toys R Us, Target's, and Electronic Boutiques. I was wondering if some of you have any idea where I can find a copy. I would go to Ebay but some of those prices are a bit too much.
--- End quote ---

 :shock: man, that's terrible.  I hope you can find your replacement.

Wow good luck with that man I just looked for like a half an hour to find even one site that has that game available for purchase and what did I find? Nothing, not even EB games themselves has it sheesh. In case anyone was wonderin'

Thanks for the help and suggestions  :) . Ill keep looking who knows it might be for sale at Fanime in the dealer's room. It just one more reason other than man faye to go to Fanime :wink: .


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