Gloomy Bears

Started by hikanteki, May 10, 2011, 02:27:36 PM

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I am looking forward to getting a few more Gloomy Bears! :D Last year I bought like 8 from FanimeCon xD

But I'm worried that since the exchange rate has been horrible last year (it's been about 80 yen to $1 -- yikes), dealers may have kept their Japanese imports to a minimum.  At Wondercon, Anime Palace & ABC Toy 4 Me didn't have any  :'( & Hobbyfan had very few.  I found a booth that had a lot of them, Global Anime, but they were $35 each for the regular sized ones :o  (To be fair, I don't even think they're making much money off of that -- but that's still too much to pay.)