Doctor Who Gathering!

Started by xXPlasmidXx, May 13, 2011, 10:29:44 PM

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I doubt there'll be many Doctor Who cosplayers; but if there are, it'd be nice to meet up with some fellow Whovians! If there's some of us, we can schedule a meet-up. I'll be the gent dressed as Doctor number eleven, by the way.


I will take pictures, I love Doctor Who, but I will not be dressing up as a Doctor Who character, sorry.
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As awesome as this would be, you probably should've posted this a while ago, and let people get a chance to get their costumes together. I'd totally have made the 10th Doctor's brown trench if I'd had the time/money. If this happens, I'll be glad to take some pics!
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I might be able to bring my gas mask person cosplay from "The doctor dances" / Empty child.


I should've posted this a while ago, but A) I didn't know about the forums until last week and B) Didn't know I was going as the Doctor until 4 days ago. I'm sorry!


If it doesn't happen this year you should totally try for next year.  I would absolutely be into a Dr. Who cosplay.   :D
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I'll definitely be looking out for this. Eleven is my favorite =)


I am locking this thread. Please take this conversation into the "Looking for Cosplayers" thread. If it should become a gathering then I can come back and unlock it so it can get set up correctly.

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