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Started by xichisex, May 19, 2011, 08:34:09 PM

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So, two years ago there was posted on the FanimeCon website a whole list of all the events taking place before the convention even started. It was located in the documents section, but last year and this year I have yet to even FIND a document like that [Its about 15 pages long]. I don't like getting to the convention THEN having to plan stuff. I like having everything already laid out for me and that way I can plan my days in case there are certain events I want to attend and I know what time I have to wake up and leave etc.

So... Where can I find this information for the entire weekend that I don't have to wait for my FanimeCon 2011 goodie bag with the book schedule at the registration desk?

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I think this year got off to somewhat of a late start. Anyways, I'm pretty sure they're planning to post the guide sometime this week. Although, it's now a week out from Day Zero, so staff should probably try to get that guide out sometime this weekend...
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We are definitely working hard to get the schedule posted.
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Thanks for getting out a schedule.  Was it me or is there no mention yet of autograph sessions for the guests?  Also, since there's a Mamoru Yokota panel on Saturday, does that mean he'll be attending Fanime as well?


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Looks like Fanime invited Mamoru Yokota to come back again to Fanime for a second time.  He is a great character designer and a nice guy as he drew me a Pencil Sketch for the Haruhi Suzumiya Music Japanese Wii Game since he did that cover for it.  Very nice guy to talk with and even if its a last minute guest of honor invite for this year, the more the merrier.  He has a panel but not sure what day and I am not sure if he is doing autographs and sketches this year.
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There is an official (interim) schedule:

A few departments (including autographs) have not yet finalized their schedule.  As soon as I get that information, the site gets updated.

Until this, 80% of the schedule is posted, so please check it out.  Thanks!


aww two of the panels i wanted to go to kind of mashed up with each other :(

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Thanks for getting this out. Time to start planning my weekend.
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Already finding stuff I want to do conflicting with each other. ^^;

Oh well. It happens every year to everyone.
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