Fumio Iida?

Started by Belldandy, May 28, 2011, 02:28:30 AM

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I don't see Iida on the schedule at all anywhere. Is his panel under something that's not his name?





This is his schedule today.

12pm (noon)
Screening "Wings of Honneamise" blu-ray (I think GAINAX said it was blu-ray), Japanese only.
Iida said that he hasn't watched it for a while too, so he'll be in the audience watching it with the others.
Location: Main Video Room

2pm-ish (when "Wings of Honneamise" ends)
We'll have a panel. He was planning to talk about the early days of GAINAX, but he can take questions too.
Location: Main Video Room

Autograph session
Location: San Carlos Room?? (I forgot the name of the room) in Hilton 2nd floor

He's leaving Monday morning, so today's your last chance of seeing him!
Please come to the panel!

Satsuki Yamashita
Translator/Interpreter/Etc for the entertainment industry


Thank you for the info! Of course yesterday was the only day I couldn't attend  :'(