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Author Topic: Lost/Stolen: My bag of stuff.  (Read 1154 times)

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Lost/Stolen: My bag of stuff.
« on: May 30, 2011, 08:58:26 PM »

I don't see a lost and found section in the forum, so hopefully this is the right place to post it. It's also better since this sub forum is also one of the most frequented I think, so hopefully one of the readers has more information.

Had a pretty good experience at Fanime until the end had to be ruined for me. So I ventured to Stage Zero at around 2-2:30pmish after eating some lunch and watched the festivities. I walked in to a game where they played rock, paper, scissors and try to hit each other with a plastic inflatable hammer. I had a plastic bag which had stuff I bought at the Artist Alley. Once Rob Miles, the guy who works for Sega was on stage. He offered more prizes which are his video games. For some odd reason, I thought he was going to throw it to us (despite looking back, that would've been bad.) Anyway, assuming that, I put my bag under my chair and waited. Then we eventually moved on to trivia and then I got intrigued and tried my hardest to remember information about Fanime in general to get a prize. Anyway, after the hosts said thanks and ended, they started to dance to Barbra Streisand by Duck Sauce. So I walked towards the left side of Stage Zero towards the stairs and then before I walked down, I realized I left my bag, so I walked back to my seat and found out it was empty. I was panicking and asking people but to no avail. I asked people at the Info Booth near Stage Zero, they said no. I asked some people walking backstage of Stage Zero, they said no. I went to ConOps and they said no and they recommended emailing Fanime at their lost and found address. I walked to the front desk inside the entrance of the convention, they said no. I circled the path from Stage Zero, downstairs at the convention center, up the escalator at the Marriott, and through the second floor at the left side of the convention center where the Mariott's entrance connected. Kinda looked like an idiot because some people were eyeballing me oddly. Nothing.

Got pretty mad, sad and depressed. But I've maintained my composure. I just hope that it won't taint my Fanime experience because I don't want to weigh on my mind. But that bag had stuff I spent over $100 on. Yes, I'll admit it's my fault that I made such a dumb move by carelessly leaving it there. Let's get that out of the way. But yeah. I don't know what to make of this. Did some heartless person steal it? Did someone find it and decided to return it? Did the "wind" just blow it? I'm not sure. I highly doubt someone's going to return a bag with valuable art in it, but I'm going to remain optimistic and just do what I can to hopefully reunite with it. I already tweeted about it using the #FanimeCon hashtag in hopes that someone will read it. I will also send my email soon.

For now, I'll be vague just in case and just say that there are prints (from the siblings that sell those cool prints of their artwork from games/anime) and buttons in the bag. Not going to describe them any further in public unless I feel that it's necessary. Definitely going to describe them in detail on an email.

But yeah, it's a long shot. But it's better than nothing I suppose. Worth a shot.

EDIT: Was wearing a yellow and white striped sweater. I initially sat in the back row. But then moved to the second row to the front on the right side, so I'm near that guy with the glasses that was doing work for Stage Zero on the laptop. Think his name was Sean or something, idk. . I know when I moved to the second row, I had my bag still.


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Re: Lost/Stolen: My bag of stuff.
« Reply #1 on: June 01, 2011, 10:12:51 AM »


they have a lost and found up now <3
good luck on your search.
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