"Did you take my photo?" thread 2011 edition

Started by bebop, May 30, 2011, 10:00:57 PM

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Awakening to otaku inside. ^-^


Hey! wondering if anyone got any pics of either me or my friend. I was in Mofumafu armor (monster hunter) while she was in Bnahbra armor.  I didn't actually get to take any pictures this year, sorry ^^;


All the cosplays were awesome this year! I was the Juri on Friday (I think the only one) and Leeloo on Saturday and Sunday. If anyone has any pictures of me I would love to see link or have them sent to my email allisonfluty [[at]] yahoo.com [[dot]] com.
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Did anyone snap any pics of me? I was the very short Red Spy with a cigarette holder and a fake knife. Like I said, very short and most likely with a blu scout.


Was wondering of anyone took a pic of a black haired vietnam on Friday. I was wearing a long red and black dress. Also if anyone took a picture of England from the same series wearing a sweater vest, black and white, with or without two mochis (america and canada).

Thank You
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If anyone took photos of a guy matching the profile picture appearance (albeit with different clothes) please send them to me.


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