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Started by Firefury Amahira, May 31, 2011, 09:24:48 PM

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Firefury Amahira

So my sister One and I had our fanfic panel Sunday night/Monday morning, and I felt it went really well. It was certainly the largest panel we've done (granted, we'd done the panel at local and much smaller conventions prior, so going from a con with 1000-1500 attendees to one with 15,000 or more, it was bound to happen. ;) ) and I feel it was our best yet; a lot of the people attending were actually participating and chiming in, there was some really good dialogue going. We got a lot of comments from people after the panel that it was helpful and informative, but those comments were also made between 2 and 3am.

I was worried about the timeslot turning a lot of people off and the lack of a printed schedule would mean people wouldn't even know it was there; however thanks to lugging that big You-fic banner with the panel info on it around the con for 2 days we had about 30-40 people by staff's count.

Any suggestions for ways we can improve the workshop for 2012? Things we already know:
-Break the panel up into 2 or 3 1-hour sessions so we can get at least one in a timeslot that isn't dark o'thirty in the morning. Thanks to those of you who made it, I know I would have been in bed unconscious that late if I wasn't helping run the thing!
-Don't get sick in the week before the convention; even with microphones, a functional voice is useful!

For 2012, we're planning to break the workshop into two 1-hour sessions, and adding a third, 18+ panel specifically addressing "adult" fanfic. Which panel breakdown would folks prefer?

-Fanfic Workshop: Characters and Worldbuilding
-Fanfic Workshop: Styles, Scenes, and Technical stuff
-Fanfic Workshop: Sex, Violence, and the Science of Squick (18+)


-Beginner Fanfic Workshop
-Advanced Fanfic Workshop
-Fanfic Workshop: Sex, Violence, and the Science of Squick (18+)

Personally I'm in favor of splitting the material up by topic rather than beginner/advanced; it's easier for us and probably more intuitive for people interested in attending to select which panels to attend.

Anyhow, comments and suggestions are certainly welcome!
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