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Author Topic: Just some thoughts  (Read 906 times)

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Just some thoughts
« on: May 31, 2011, 11:12:44 PM »

I've been going to FANIME for many many years now. So I hope you will all bear with me and I need to say a few things about this year 2011.
First off I want to say thank you....no wait THANK YOU!!!!! to all of the staff and people who make this great event possible. Yes with something this big there are bound to be problems. But they the problems need to be solved and over looked. If you did have a problem somewhere make sure you address to the staff or hotel in a calm manner ok? Next I want to say a big THANK YOU!!!!! to all the people in costume who I asked to stop and take a picture. I know it's got to be abit tiring after awhile. I just want to say thanks for putting up with all us who want your pictures.
I just want to say that FLOW rocked for the 2nd straight year. I could believe my eyes. almost every seat was taken this year, while last year the place was only 1/2 full!!! What else???? Oh yeah the loner thread..... I am a loner ok.. but i meet someone in the pre-reg line at 8am on friday. I just want to say that there are no loners at Fanime. We are all friends. And i think that there are 2 great things to be taken away from FANIME. 1. Have a great time!!! 2. It is a place where like people gather so make some noise and meet some new friends. A friend told me today that, "Friendship is the crowning achievement of the human condition." And with that I will be going to FANIME for many more years and until I am old to have fun and make new friends. Thank you all for putting up with these words and see everyone in 2012!!!


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Re: Just some thoughts
« Reply #1 on: May 31, 2011, 11:30:23 PM »

Thank you all for putting up with these words and see everyone in 2012!!!

Shit, we're all gonna die by 2012 though.

Just kidding!

Yeah no problem man. I would like to thank the convention too. Fanime is currently it its earliest development of dealing with newer problems, newer staff, newer attendees, and newer rules, regulations, and optimizations that needs to be made. I understand that it is getting tougher every year, especially around this time. Boy, back when I started Fanime, it was NEVER this over loaded with  this much humanoids. Hell, I don't even remember seeing a Rover at all during the year span of 2006-2009. Or maybe they just weren't officially identified/labeled yet.

In any case, despite that this year was a bit disappointing, I still love Fanime, my memories of 2006-2009 cannot and will not ever be forgotten, and I will always support the convention no matter what, for it has stolen my heart when I was just a mid-teenager.

So I would also like to thank the efforts of the Rovers, the attendees, and everybody for doing their best to keep things stable. After all, it was a bit bad, but not TOO bad to the point where it has become forsaken.

I love this convention, and I will continue to go every year. Maybe, just maybe, one day I'll choose to make great changes at Fanime.
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