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Started by heroblade20, June 01, 2011, 02:04:14 AM

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This is currently in planning stages and would likely not be implemented till next year's Ax( Unless planning goes ridiculously well that is), but I have recently played with the ideas of a charter bus to Ax. It would start in the SJ/SF area and ride all the way there. I got this idea because I rode the bus to Ax last year with some friends and met a couple of other cool guys who we ended up meeting up with at Fanime. The downside of the whole bus expereince, was a crazy racist bum asking my friend, " Wut kinja ajin are ye boy? better not be the wrong one or ull meet my knife that goes boom(o.O gunblade?)." I figure a charter bus would eliminate undesirables and give everyone a great chance to meet a ton of ppl!:).
I did do maybe some light research and found that a charter bus that seats about 61 ppl would be near $1920( not sure if that includes gas and driver), it seems costly, but if u divide out the costs we have the total being $31 per person, a cheap price in comparison to every other form of transportation

I am open to anyone's opinions or criticisms, but I would also like to know if anyone would be interested

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I would support/join this, 31 bucks to get down to AX?  Instead of the like, near 100 bucks in gas money?  For sure, lemme know what I could do to help.


for that low of a price i might actually go to AX
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This sounds like an absolutely wonderful idea!!!! I actually was planning on going down to AX next year anyway, so this totally works out XD


That includes the cost of the return trip as well or $31 for one way?
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I might as well fly to AX. Was $150 for me round trip on Southwest.
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What charter company are you looking into? is it round trip?
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It is round trip, I went to /en/bus-types. Im thinking $31 is a crappy estimate because its just off the price of the bus. PIm looking to get a quote, but the likelihood is it will be a bit higher


Aight folks finally got a quote back it is more than I thought. It is 3,000 ish for 56 ppl. Because we have to ut up the bus driver in the hotel and what not. It comes out to $60 ish per person, so I am nixing the idea because while it is cheaper than plane and equal to train( love that rhyme), Someone will have to pay the entire amount on card then we would need to hope that EVERYONE paid. And if someone didnt or has to cancel we would be left footing the bill all o us. Unless we overbook then we might ahve to leave some of u fellars and fallarettes( Is that the word?) behind and thats just too mean:(. Which would make the card owner have to essentially go all loan shark. As such it would be too difficult to coordinate so many ppl in so many places. Plus the point was to save money from bus i guess:p might as well go train at this rate.