How bad is your PCD? (Post-Con Depression) [2011 Edition]

Started by Kupo, June 01, 2011, 04:17:18 AM

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On a scale from 1 (Low) to 5 (High), How bad is your PCD? (Post-Con Depression)

2 (11.1%)
2 (11.1%)
4 (22.2%)
6 (33.3%)
4 (22.2%)

Total Members Voted: 18


1 - I don't feel anything. After FanimeCon, I went back to the daily grind of my life with virtually no problems.
2 - I slightly miss Fanime. After FanimeCon, I was depressed on the last moments before leaving and going home was weird for a moment. But I'll get over it within a few hours/days.
3 - Sigh. For the next 2-4 days, It will be somewhat depressing. But I'm gradually returning to my regular life.
4 - Sad. I had such a good time at Fanime, I'm going to miss the experience. The following 5-7 days, I'll probably be thinking about it until I slowly transition back to regular life.
5 - Super Sad/Depressed. I miss Fanime and I seriously cannot wait until next year. Everything remotely reminds me of Fanime. It will take weeks for me to get over it.

Also if you want, you can explain why you chose that specific number.


I'd say a 3. I'm just glad this year's post-con depression is not as bad as last year XD


The only thing I've felt so far is exhaustion, I've been sleeping in more as of late


No time for PCD.
Got back to Japan late yesterday night and am already back at work. Luckily there seems to be little to no jetlag.
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Con depression this year was kind of a train wreck, as I had attended Anime Central the weekend before.  So it's a double whammy.
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A bit of mixed feelings for me. I ended up being so tired/sleepy from doing early-morning Tech work and late-night Swap meet that I didn't end up doing much with my companions, so that created a bit of bad mojo that lasted throughout the whole weekend. The things that I did do at Fanime (some karaoke, some shopping, and Stage Zero) were fun though, so I miss that. Definitely going to try to do pre-con work next year if I end up going with people who actually want to attend scheduled events.