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Looking for 2-3 roommates.
+ Introduction: I'm Al, a 20something artist who has been selling in the fanime Artist's Alley for the last few years. I'm a generally relaxed sort of person. I haven't really kept up with new anime and manga in recent years, but I really like the convention atmosphere. Some of my hobbies are tabletop role-playing games, board games, and comics. I'm a non-cosplayer and will be spending most of my time in the Artist's Alley.
+ Hotel Information: San Jose Fairmont thurs-mon. Single queen, but I'm not particularly attached to getting the bed for myself.
+ Costs: Depends on how many people join the room. If one more joins, it'll be around $200. Two more, $135. Three more, $100. While four people total in the room is the most I'd really like to have, I'd be willing to stretch to adding a fourth person, in which case it'd be $81. I'd prefer payment in cash at the start of the con but we may be able to negotiate something else.
+ Requirements: Ideally someone over 18, but I'll consider 16-17 if I am able to speak with you a bit beforehand. Please be willing to keep the room clean, or at least contain your mess to a small section of it. (Basically, don't toss your stuff all around the room.) Cosplayers are welcome, there'll be plenty of bathroom and closet space. Be respectful of other people's belongings.
+ Contact: You can send me a PM here, email me at piraticalartist (at) gmail (dot) com, or send me an ask at


Hello everyone!! Hopefully someone can help me out!
Name: Christina, but I go by Stina. I'm 26 y/o. This is my 3rd Fanime. I'm currently staff for BW Ball and will be instructing/performing for the weekend. My partner/bf Anthony will also be attending. He's 21. This is his 2nd Fanime and he will be volunteering on BW Ball staff but is not an "official" staffer. Because of this, we are unable to get a staff room with our fellow BW Ballers and have to go about looking for a place to stay.
Hotel Info: Somewhere safe and close to the convention center. We will be checking in on Thursday evening/night (that's our last day of finals) and leaving Monday morning.  We have a very minimal amount of funding so we're trying to keep a budget between $50 to at most $90 for each of us, but depending on the people and situation, we are willing to negotiate. We are also willing to throw down for food/drink/snack in exchange for a place or lower hotel costs.
Requirements: Not picky on who to room with, down for co-ed. Our entire time spent at Fanime will be teaching dance and performing, with our schedules starting at around 9am until late the next morning. Our two longest days will be Saturday and Sunday. Because of this, we would really appreciate having a bed since our bodies will be killing us and waking up stiff the next morning to teach dance all day won't be fun at all. All we would be doing in the room is bathing and sleeping.... possibly grabbing a bite to eat if there's time. We would appreciate people who are chill and relaxed and can respect the need for sleep. We'll do our best not to wake you upon entering and leaving. Also, we will be bringing formal attire and dance costumes and would love to have respect for that since those get expensive and we do use them outside of Fanime (we're personal dance teachers as well).
Misc.: I'm slightly messy, but am respectful and keep my junk in its own corner, Anthony is completely neat and organized. We're both very respectful of people and their personal space/objects. We don't smoke and socially drink.... but it's rare and only if one of us isn't driving. We don't mind drinking in the room, but please don't do it if you're underage. As staff, if reflects badly on us and we would be held accountable. We're pretty chill and laid back. We love to explore and have fun and will have a bit of downtime during the con to grab food, explore , and hang out if you so desire. We're just grateful for someone willing to help us out.  
Contact: The best way to reach me is either through facebook (Christina Stevenson) or by e-mail: [email protected]. If you're interested or have any questions, please shoot me a message from either of those two.

Thanks for reading! Hopefully we'll be a good match! :)

Thanks Everyone! It's been taken care of! :)


Quote from: BBOYTarzan on May 09, 2012, 11:49:47 AM
Name: The one and Only Gumby
Hotel: San Jose Marriott (down the elevators through the hall and open the door, bam, your there at fanime!)
Dates:  Friday (5/25) to Monday (5/28) (3 nights)
Rate: $83 and some change. Opted for the suit and wont know for a few more days if i get it. Will keep updated.
Spaces Available: 2/3
Room Type:  Standard - Dual beds
Smoking or Non-Smoking: ask.
E-Mail: [email protected]

Details about me:  My name is johnny, however, at fanime people address me as GUMBY ,[-_-]/. I'm a gamer and a part time magic player. I love anime(obviously), TOP 5 anime: Gurren Lagann, Eureka Seven, Code Gease, Samurai Champloo, Cowboy Bepop. My best friends (cousin and friend) are looking for 2/3 roommates to stay with us. I am a massage Therapist (feel free to ask me any more questions). My cousin works for a Europe'n furniture company, this will be his VERY FIRST time at fanime as well as my other friend who is a chef=) so you best believe we will have edibles to eat^_-...nom nom nom.

What were looking for: We prefer if you are 18 or over or 17 at the youngest. If you are 21 or over, and your going to drink, then be mindful of us and don't spill your drink! plus, SHARING IS CARING. Someone who is as excited about fanime as we are and like meeting new peoples from different walks of life and going out and creating new memories. im just saying... my friends will be going to the raves, so expect late arrivals, with respect to your ZzZ... we will come in anbu style all silent and stuff=p

I also will be attending swap meet and will have supplies with me. In addition I tend to get up early for fanime, 9-10am...Saterday maybe a little later.  Also, a few people will need to sleep on the floor, please be aware of this, we can also do a bed switching thing, if people prefer. Last but not least, we would like a even ratio to guys and girls as to make this stay as enjoyable and comfortable as possible for any ladies thinking about staying.

anymore questions, just shoot me a message on facebook, quickest way to reply. then email.



All of my lovely space is taken! See you amazing people on Friday! c:
Just as it says in the bold, pink font up there;
my brother, another friend, &I have a room booked for the ever-so-amazing Fanime, &have happen to have extra space.

Now it is getting CLOSE to Fanime; Less than two weeks, mind you. ;o I'd appreciate who would ever like to stay with to tell me ASAP!  

Covering first base, it is just us three.
Myself, being 19 ♀ My friend being 20, &My brother, being the age of 21.
This will be my 3rd year, &my brother's 6th.
Yeahhh, we dig San Jo this time a' year. >;]

Want to get into specifics, barrage me with questions, get to know one another? Here you go;
email - [email protected]
Msn - [email protected]
Facebook -

I can always be reached! :)

I'll make this short, sweet &simple.
Hotel - Marriot, DOUBLE-BEDDED ROOM; which might I add is connected to the convention center itself. *Wink wink, Nudge nudge*
Total cost of the room - About 400.00$
Check in - Friday at 3pm, Check out - Monday at 12pm.
Number of roomies wanted - 2, or 3...4 is kiiind of pushing it. We'll discuss the payment split beforehand.

As long as no shady business goes on, no stealing, being RESPECTFUL &keeping it classy, &NOT bringing others back to the room happens; All shall be dandy!
I will be attending the raves, but I DO enjoy my sleep. ;o
I'm respectful, no worries. Which means I expect the same!

Contact me if this post has peaked any interests; I'm all ears! [=


Looking for a room!
Introduction: My name is Dinah Castillo (that's pronounced dee-nah cast-ee-o). I'm a 16 year old girl and I am desperately looking for a place to stay that's close by the convention because I hate walking.
Hotel information: I'll be needing a place to stay from saturday-monday. This means that if you are checking in on Friday I will NOT be able to give you the cash then. I will only be able to pay you back on the day I get there, which is Saturday afternoon.
Cost: Since I'll only be staying Sat-Mon, I'm not trying to pay a lot. I'm okay with $85 and under but if needed I could try and go a little over.
Contact: You can add and message me on facebook or send me an ask on my tumblr and Ill usually reply pretty fast.
Miscellaneous: I don't mind if there is smoking or drinking because I was actually going to bring some "stuff" as well, but not too overboard. I also don't mind how old my roommates are as long as you aren't a creep. I will promise to be 100% respectful to other's and their belongings as long as you are respectful to my belongings as well. I will most likely be attending all the raves so I will be coming in late, but I promise to keep quiet and not disturb any sleepers. I'm pretty chill and mature for my age and I'm hilarious as fuck and we could be new friends so message me and let me know please!


Quote from: StarAssassin on May 06, 2012, 12:39:52 AM
Looking for one more roommate for our room!

Where: Marriot

Price: $70 for the whole time

When: Thursday night through Sunday night

This will not be an overstuffed room, one more person will make the room up to 6 people, but hoping you don't mind sleeping on the floor. We would prefer if you don't smoke or drink, but other than that, it doesn't matter if girl or boy. PM me here, or email me at [email protected]. Thanks!

Looking for one more person! Preferably a girl!
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A repost since our roommates dropped out all of a sudden.


Name: Glitch
Hotel: Crown Plaza/Hyatt, twin beds
Days staying: Friday to Monday
Price range: $90. Prices are negotiable with us.
Space available: Two roommates
Requirements:  We prefer 18+, but we are ok with roommates close to that age. Gender is no problem. We are two guys running the room but we are well behaved gentlemen.
Be certain you are absolutely going to Fanime. We want to be sure we aren't left hanging at the last minute.
We will need 50 bucks of the hotel money up front when you first put your stuff in the room. And course you pay the rest of the hotel room money at the end of Fanime. We are actually very laid back and fun people but, since we don't know you too well, we take this as a precaution.
Please don't leave a mess around. Make sure your food wrappers are in the trash and dirty clothes are not all over the place.  
Some good hygiene is also a plus. I'm not one to dictate others' shower habits but make sure we don't smell you from across the room.
And finally, keep the drama outside o f the room. But have as much fun as you can. ^_^
If possible, contact me on facebook, and have two of your FB friends vouch for you that you are trustworthy. My facebook:

Details: Now that we got all the strict BS out of the way, here are the lighter details. The room is run by me and my friend Anotnio. We've been doing this since 2009. I myself have been going to Fanime since 2001. I am also the host of The Comedy Club at Fanime panel.
We are willing to share some of our food with you.
So that's it. I like to think of the hotel room as a place to chill and take a break from the Fanime when you get worn out .We hope to have a great time with anyone who applies. I love meeting new people and it'll be cool to see how it turns out.
My email address: [email protected]. Make sure to put ROOMMATE in the subject line.


Roommates Wanted: (only main leader can post it)

+ Introduction: My name is Ray and this is going to be my 3rd year at Fanime! I am 26 years old and I enjoy cosplaying and is a big gamer! I am somewhat shy but I like to see what Fanime has to offer, since last year they didn't provide a schedule in last year's goodie bag, so I was lost on what to do. I will be bringing 2 of my brothers, who will also cosplay and be with me most of the time. We are just your regular off the wall dorks with a sense of humor and like to be a part of this year's Fanime experience. 

+ Hotel Information: We are staying at the Fairmont, San Jose from Saturday, May 26 and will check out on Monday, May 28. We may get Friday aswell IF we can manage to get 5 people total (2 extra people). We will arrive at Fanime Friday evening due to work and stuff.

+ Costs: If we can manage to get 2 more people (for a total of 5 people), then we can possibly charge $50 per person for the whole stay, but if not, then $40 dollars for Saturday to Monday would be fine. Payment will be received upon meeting and you will be given your own room key so you can come and go as much as you want.

+ Requirements: Please be mature. We don't mind if you're a female or male, but please be respectful and do not touch other people's belongings. If we do get the 2 people, then me and my brothers can use one bed and the rest can use the other bed. I'm just as comfortable sleeping on the floor or w/e works. Lastly, please have a sense of humor or a fun personality! OH! please please PLEASE, do not leave the room a mess, we are not maids or your parents.  ;D

+ Contact: Get in touch of me here, or my FB: You can also get a hold of me on my email: [email protected]. If interested, let me know and send me a FB link so we can talk about the hotel reservation.

+ Miscellaneous: We will try to bring food/snacks/drinks so you do not need to get it. We were thinking of getting pizza the first day but we can decide once we all meet up. We can all chill or hang out or do our seperate things, we don't care what you do. The main point is to have fun and enjoy Fanime! 



+ Introduction: Hi! I'm Bethany, and I found a room with someone else but I still have a reservation for a room that i don't need. To cancel it now would charge me a penalty so I'd rather switch the information over to someone who needs one.
+ Hotel Information: Its at the fairmont from friday-monday
+ Requirements: Just someone who needs a room
+ Contact: I have a facebook under Bethany Creelman, If you send me message introducing yourself, I can add you.

Thank you so much!


Have Room/Roommates Wanted:
+ Introduction: I'm Dannielle female 26 and my fiance Bobby and I are looking for roommates. This is our 2nd Fanime, I'll be doing some cosplaying Bobby just likes to check out the scene. I love animals, reading and movies, Bobby is a bit of a car fanatic, but loves video games too.

+ Hotel Information: We have a double bedded room at the Fairmont for Thurs-Monday

+ Costs: Hotel costs come to $524 total. We were originally going to split with another couple we knew but that didn't work out. Ideally we'd like another couple/pair of friends/whatever to split evenly with us but we are very flexible and open to any and all negotiations. Really we just want help on cutting costs since this is so last minute so bring us your offer!

+ Requirements: We would prefer our roommates were 18+, 21+ even better and mature and respectful. We don't mind some friendly drinking but any smoking needs to be out of the room and no drugs please.

+ Contact: PM me here, or e-mail me [email protected] my e-mail is linked to my phone so I can get back to you quickly and provide my phone number.
+ Miscellaneous: Bobby and I both grew up in San Jose and know the area fairly well, we'd love to help you get to know the city better. We'll be packing lots of snacks and don't mind sharing.


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Needing Roommates!

+ Introduction: My name is Sora and I am a yaoi fan. I've been attending Fanime since 2005, and have never missed a con between then and now. Fanime 2005 was also when I first started cosplaying, and I've been cosplaying non-stop since then. I enjoy it a lot.
+ Hotel Information: I have two rooms at the Fairmont, though I'm actually waiting for the Marriott. Both rooms are from Thursday-Tuesday, and are king bed with guarenteed rollaway (each). I'm not sure how it's like there since I've never stayed at the Fairmont, but I guess I'll see, huh?
+ Costs: Right now I only have two people, so I have one vacant room and one room with two people (me and one other). I'm looking for about 6 people total, with $90/per person. If possible, it'd be nice if someone could also help me with parking. All payment will be done by paypal to me, unless I know you from a previous Fanime.
+ Requirements: No drinking in the rooms, and if you choose to drink, please do it elsewhere and come back sober. There will be no alcohol allowed in the rooms either. Also I'm very sensitive to the smell of cigarettes (even on someone's breath), so if you smoke, please use a breath mint or other. Other than that, no trashing the room, no stealing from other roommates, and gender does not matter. If you require a bedspace for any special circumstance (like bad leg, back, etc.), please let me know, because otherwise, it's first come, first serve.
+ Contact: I can be reached by my facebook at, or at my email of [email protected]. Please let me know who you are when trying to message or friend me on FB, for I will not reply or accept a friend request otherwise. Also, I can be PMed on here.

I'm still looking for roommates if anyone is interested!! Just bumping this.

People! If you need a room, take this person's offer! Need 8 more people!
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Quote from: StarAssassin on May 06, 2012, 12:39:52 AM
Looking for one more roommate for our room!

Where: Marriot

Price: $70 for the whole time

When: Thursday night through Sunday night

This will not be an overstuffed room, one more person will make the room up to 6 people, but hoping you don't mind sleeping on the floor. We would prefer if you don't smoke or drink, but other than that, it doesn't matter if girl or boy. PM me here, or email me at [email protected]. Thanks!

Looking for one more person! Preferably a girl!
Is it an all girls room?
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Just one week left.  It would be really great to find some roommates.

Roommates Wanted:

+ Introduction: I'm a 26-year-old guy and a programmer who lives in the bay area.  I've been going to anime cons since I was 18, but this will be my first Fanime. I'm new to the area so sadly I don't have any friends to go with.  Normally I like to do some easy cosplay, be out of the room as much as possible, and have a couple libations after dark.  I'm not the type to get in others' hair or mess up their stuff, etc; I try to just do what I need to in the room and then get out.

+ Hotel Information: Thursday-Sunday (Sunday checkout) at the Fairmont. Unfortunately, the room only has one bed in it.  I'll be bringing a sleeping bag, so the bed would be up for grabs.  This is a non-smoking room.

+ Costs: I'm looking for $50/person for the hotel room.  I'd also be happy to bring food and drink, and we can split the cost on that, too (this will be in addition to the hotel cost).  I don't remember how much that runs on average, but I'll just be stocking up at Safeway before the con. Please pay me the whole amount when you arrive.  Prefer cash

+ Requirements: I'd like to find 3 others for this room -- presently, the room is just me.  21+ highly preferred.  This will not be a party room, so please don't be disappointed when you find out that it isn't :) (party, per my definition, means lots of noise and extra people hanging out in the room).  I'm looking for people who are responsible, respectful, and know to shower once in a while.  

+ Contact: Hit me via PM here.  I'll be watching it.

+ Miscellaneous: I think this will be my 10th or so convention, so I'm definitely not a newbie to this, though it's cool if you are.  I'm not a drama sort of person, and I'm looking for the same.  I think it's really cool how so many people are united for geekiness at cons.  Let's all enjoy Fanime 2012!


I do need 8 more people, because I have pretty big rooms and one completely open room. If I don't get 8 people, I'm thinking of asking if anyone wants to take a room off my hands since it's too late to cancel it.
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This is just in case. I am getting a room from someone else, but if he can't get 8 more people, or get, he may have to double the price. If he has to, I want to find a different place to sleep.

+ Introduction: Hello, my name is Caitlin. You can best contact me by my email. [email protected]
+ Hotel Information:Anywhere close, and the highest I am willing to pay is 90$
+ Requirements: An all-girls room, please! ^.^
+ Contact: (same as above)
+ Miscellaneous: Must warn you, I am shy. But sometimes I can force myself to talk. ^.-
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Roommate wanted

Marriott Thur - Mon
price: $180
will share a bed with 1 male. and 2 other males.
will have parties in room to if that's a deterrent.

Please contact ASAP. Lost a roomie so last minute help appreciated.

If you can't do all 4 nights, will adjust but would prefer someone to room thur - mon.


I know it's short notice, but... 2-3 Roommates Wanted!

+ Introduction: Hi~! I'm Kristin, 24 years old, and this will be my ninth Fanime. Other roommates are my same-aged friends, one female and one male, also experienced con goers. We all LOVE Fanime to a ridiculous degree.
+ Hotel Information: We're staying in the Hilton attached to the convention center. One bed spot available, two floor spots. You can rotate on the bed and floor spots if you want. We're staying Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights.
+ Costs: $85 per person for all three nights. Please be able to pay cash on Friday night!
+ Requirements: Either gender is fine as long as you're respectful and friendly. No smoking or drugs, and we'd prefer no drinking in the room. Obviously no messing with other peoples' stuff. Being a Pokémon fan is a plus but certainly not a requirement. :P
+ Contact: E-mail me at phoenixfreedom AT, the sooner the better!
+ Miscellaneous: We're a nice group to room with, pretty fun and mellow and definitely big anime/manga fans. Two of us cosplay. We will be bringing food into the room that is for sharing, plus we'll go out to dinner some or all nights, and you're welcome to tag along. We typically go to bed around 2 AM or so (and get up around 9-10 AM), and we'd prefer people who keep similar hours if possible. If not, bring some earplugs, though we try to be quiet when people are sleeping! We make great roommates, so we hope some people will join us! We like making new friends. :D

Please drop me an e-mail ASAP if you're looking for a room. Thanks so much!


 ;D ;D ;DNeed a room ::) ::) ::)

What you need to know: were both willing to go from anywhere from $50-75, and im sleeping on the floor no problem! I've been to cons before and this is my first con in CA, I drink and smoke(not as much anymore) and i prob wont do it at point

Roommates Wanted:i dont care as long as i get my floo,
+ Introduction: My name is Walter trae Kirby(yes my last name is kirby) im 22 and im gonna be 8 by the time on the con, i work at starbuck and there cutting hours so my cost has gone down
+ Hotel Information:if it has a floor and a door im good,i've slept on a lot worse...(damn you New Jersey hotel rooms)
+ Costs: im super broke but i can pay $50-70 for a room same for my friend

+ Contact:my facebook is [email protected] [email protected] or send me a message on here

+ Miscellaneous: Im somewhat of a raver sooo PLUR


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Quote from: StarAssassin on May 06, 2012, 12:39:52 AM
Looking for one more roommate for our room!

Where: Marriot

Price: $70 for the whole time

When: Thursday night through Sunday night

This will not be an overstuffed room, one more person will make the room up to 6 people, but hoping you don't mind sleeping on the floor. We would prefer if you don't smoke or drink, but other than that, it doesn't matter if girl or boy. PM me here, or email me at [email protected]. Thanks!

Looking for one more person! Preferably a girl!

Roommates found! Thank you everyone!
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Found a room!

Need A Room;;

Introduction: Hi, my name is Raven, I'm 20 and this will be my 3rd Fanime. I usually room with my friends, but they cancelled on me at the last minute, so I'm in desperate need of a room.
Hotel Information: I'll be at the con from Thursday-Monday, but I can also do Friday-Monday. I don't really mind how far/close it is to the convention.
Cost: I'm on kind of a budget, so I can't go any higher than $75
Contact: You can either send me a PM on here, or contact me via email; [email protected]
Miscellaneous: I don't drink or smoke, but I have no problems with people who do. I don't care about gender, so I'll be okay rooming with male or female. I also don't mind sleeping on the floor. I also don't have any issues with age, younger or older is fine. Oh, and I know how to keep my stuff organized, so you don't have to worry about my clothes being spread all over the place or anything.
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