The 2011 Fanime Hotel Feedback

Started by BenihimeSama, June 02, 2011, 01:37:44 AM

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Which Hotel Did You Stay At?

St. Claire
Crowne Plaza
Hotel DeAnza (Late Add On)
Other-Please Note in Message Body


Hotel: St. Claire

Would you book next year: Yes!

Pros: QUIET (ridiculously so, actually. It was so nice), friendly and helpful staff, mini fridge, futon available, staff let us check-in early, and they were able to bring our car back for us just to get something out that was forgotten.

Cons: Room was a little small I guess, but really nothing that was inconvenient. It was cozy. People have said that the walls are paper thin, but I didn't notice anything the entire weekend o.o

Special Notes to Share: Being disconnected from the con center is very relaxing! The elevators didn't back up at all, and the walk is only about 10 feet (lol). So you got your fresh air every morning, and felt ready to take on the day's craziness. It's also on the panel/video room side of the convention center (across the street, but you get what I mean), so you can go back and forth in just a few minutes.
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Hotel Name: Fairmont
Would You Book Next Year: Yes but I really want to stay at the Hilton or Mariott.
Pros: so pretty and fancy. Big comfy beds. The rooms were huge and could fit all of use, which was four with ease. Huge bathroom. Also there was no noise at night and close to the convention center, a short walk. Conneceted and close to all the food and diners in the area.
Cons: Charges on anything you touch or drink in the frige. The price for all four days was hefty. But you pay well for a fancy hotel like that. Food and room service was a bit pricey as well. Sorry a part time working college student, I was seriouly trying to budjet that year. No bath tub in bathroom. Had a sauna and gym but would have liked a heated pool or Hot Tub.
Special Notes to Share: Great stay, everyone was nice and willing to help when we asked. I would stay there again and again but next year I want something a big cheaper. Great place, great location.  ;D 

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Hotel: St. Claire

Would you stay there next year: Yes

PROs: Quiet, centerally located to the Fairmont, the Marriott and the Convention Center, easy access, old world charm, very friendly staff, frig's (if you ask) and a lobby area with a fireplace...

CONS: Nothing that stands out for me...

Special Notes to Share: Be prepared to see what a hotel rooms was like before modern box rooms became the norm.  I like the painted cielings and oversized showers.
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Hotel Name: St. Claire
Would You Book Next Year: Heeeeeck yeah.
Pros: Spacious room. It was able to comfortably room me and my other two friends, and the bed was huuuuuuge. We all slept in it. The fridge stays cold, the bathroom shelves are well placed, and the water pressure on the showers are amazing. On top of all that, the customer service is fantastic.
Cons: Valet parking takes a while sometimes, but that might also be typical for the opening day, so that's up to you.
Special Notes to Share: If you plan on eating in the room, bring a hot water kettle, because it will be your best friend (ramen, tea, hot chocolate, and a bunch of other stuff). The fridges can be a tad short on room, so don't depend on all refrigerated foods (For example, use the fridge mostly for drinks and whatever special foods may need the fridge).


Hotel Name: Ramada
Would You Book Next Year: Already planned to book actually!
Pros: Well, it is cheap. Which in many cases a WONDERFUL thing! I can get away for the whole weekend between friends with only 50$ out of my pocket is I play my room sharing cards right, while staying anywhere else, well, paying hundreds of dollars a night is not really the place for a starving artist type. It is in a block or two walking distance, just ignore the odd looks from the drunks around the bars while you walk past looking fabulously decked out in costume.
Cons: It is small, and it is cheap. You get 2 beds, a small shower, and a simple bathroom. I now hear there was free breakfast I missed but... still. It can be fussy also with the small distance you need to walk.
Special Notes to Share: I slept in my suitcase 2011, no joke really. The beds were full and I curled up with one pillow on top of my costumes. BUT! I had a wonderful time either way, sleep was overrated compared to the fun.
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