Moon Prism Poptarts Feedback

Started by Eri Kagami, June 02, 2011, 03:37:12 PM

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Eri Kagami

If you showed up for this panel, I would love to hear your input! This was a last minute addition to the schedule and I'm very glad people showed up for it!

We are planning to have this back for Fanime 2012. We are thinking about submitting this to Anime Expo.

Things to Add For Next Time
+ Clips of Sailor Moon S (references to cousins...hehe)
+ Clips of Sailor Moon R (lots of really bad writing in the alien arc

Any requests for any other awesomely bad moments in the DiC / English dub?

What to Do For the Future
+ Edit down certain clips so I don't have to cursor through them

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.