My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Gathering 2013! *Update 5/5*

Started by marisuga, June 08, 2011, 11:09:44 PM

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Hey, I'm going to be Grand Galloping Gala Fluttershy (and hopefully we'll have the whole group)


Quote from: Marisuga on June 08, 2011, 11:09:44 PM
*Update 12/12*

Day: TBA (Saturday?)
Time: TBA
Meeting Place/Location: TBA

Fanime will be taking group pictures during the Gathering this year. If you do not want to be included in those pictures please step aside for those photos. By remaining with the group when the pictures are being taken you give your consent to be photographed.

Photoshoot Order: TBA

Current Cosplayer Count: 10


Twilight Sparkle: mintycat (Brides Maid Dress),
Pinkie Pie: Marisuga?, sasukeuchiha92, jingko?, avairrianna (Saloon)
Rainbow Dash: friend of minty cat (Colt),
Fluttershy: friend of minty cat (male)
Rarity: jingko? (Wa Lolita)
Apple Jack:
Other: Marisuga? (Owlicious), Alex-X-Core (Luna), sister of Alex-X-Core (Celestia), Chesid (Trixie)


Twilight Sparkle:
Pinkie Pie:
Rainbow Dash:
Apple Jack:

*Update 12/12*
Formatted it to have the who's who up, already 10 people coming!
Gonna Try King Sombra But deffinetly Spike


gonna try and do King Sombra But Definitely for sure going a Spike


Can't say for sure just yet, but I'm hoping to attend again this year as Galloping Gala Pinkie! It really depends on how my cosplay schedule turns out, but I hope to see you all again this year!
Not attending for 2014. Sorry!


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Dani Phantom

Hello your fellow Derpy will be flying in to pass out muffins! :P


I'll be going as Scootaloo. My sister may be able to do Applebloom, but we aren't entirely sure yet.


Getting my purple ostrich feather soon! Then onto making the saloon dress!!!!
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I'm doing Princess Luna (Season 2/3 ver.) and hope that last years cosplayers will come to this gathering as well. (I was there, just not in MLP cosplay, I was one of the two Luffys who crashed in to take pictures. ::hint hint:: I was the girl XD)
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Dani Phantom

aw nvm i dont think i can make my derpy hooves cosplay anymore :( but i'll come by to take pictures

Jesse Uppercut

I'll be cosplaying as Shining Armor, the "Canterlot Wedding" Version. I'm sure this will be great fun!
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I will confirm later on but I will maybe go as Vinyl Scratch.
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I plan on making it but I haven't yet decided on which pony I'll be this time around. ^^;


I will SERIOUSLY be sewing this week (Spring Break) for the Saloon Pinkie. If I need any help with decisions I'll post pics here! Here goes nothing!
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I'll either be Rarity as Wa-loita or Pinkie pie wa-lolita. also if she's in the states all drag a TS with me ^^
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see me at DA as well. ><


if i can pull creative brain out of head i will do a guy twilight sparkle (holding those REVISED pony signs, Yes i was the asian guy with the pony sign, friend with the other one)

And i was thinking if weather's hot enough, maybe a "beach" pool meet? or maybe arrange a night dinner?, i sorta want to shoot a video (aiming for 5 min long) of everything fani-pony related! 5 min of Fun! Relaxing! Random! mob chasing! (WHAT?) and extremely random things (like think of a pinkie popping up randomly out of nowhere!)


As much as I would've loved to try my hand at a Fancy Pants cosplay this year, a change in employment situation (yes, I still have a job, though it doesn't pay quite as much as I previously got) is forcing it on the backburner.  Thus, I'll be reprising my Big Mac cosplay this year.
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Quote from: vixxiii on April 02, 2013, 09:52:06 PM
Scratch that. Put me down as All Aboard instead.

I look forward to seeing you there! Been a few years since we've run into each other. ^^

I know the date/time is still being decided but my vote is sometime on Saturday. I'll be running a workshop Sunday morning and then I'm in the Masquerade that evening, so on top of staffing I'm not sure I could make it to smile smile smile with my brony brethren which would make me a saaaaaaaaaaad panda. Last year was so much fun; I'm really excited to hang out with you all this time around! <3