How to start a group?

Started by Kite, June 12, 2011, 11:03:42 PM

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 I was curious how does one start a group?

I decided on a certain cosplay next year and I really wanted to create a group for it. But I'm uncertain in how to create it. Any tips or advice?


Ask on for people in your area. There's a few places on there.


You could also use a group of friends. Even posting here would be fine. Everybody enjoys cosplaying as  agroup as it looks many tiems more impressive, but a lot of times their friends don't wanna cosplay from that anime. So if u post it on a forum im sure ull get some ppl! Btw I like ur username xD it makes this forum feel like the world!


If you want to start a gathering then a lot of the info you will need can be found in the first 4 posts here:,12405.0.html
If you want to form a cosplay "group" then that is something different. Think of it as a club and decide what you want the club to offer those that join and what they will do that makes it different from other ones out there. Then find people of like interest and get them to join. Redroses3164 and heroblade20 have some good suggestions on how to get it started up.

Now for the bad news... yeah this is for gatherings so if you are looking to do a group it needs to be in a different section & I would recommend also talking on the C.c forums to help find members.

With that said I am locking this thread. Good luck to you Kite :)
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