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So I know this is a stretch, because of how old and quick this show died in populaity in the US, but is anyone cosplaying from Saint Seiya or Knights of the Zodiac. Me and my best friend are making simple armor for Shun/Hades for the con; first time armor makers, its coming along.

I think in 2010 there was a Dohko cosplayer and it was amazimg cosplay! I would love to meet others who share this ulitmate passion for this show. Its my favorite series of all time...
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I'm not like proposing a gathering or anything, cause I believe it is to late/ I dunno how to do that, but I was wondering how many people are going to be cosplaying from Star Driver! ^^ on Monday me and on of my friend are going to be Kanako and Wako~
I'm just curious ^^


Anyone cosplaying as Inu x Boku characters?
My friend and I are going as Ririchiyo and Karuta so I'm curious if any one else will be going as an Inu x Boku character as well.


I'm looking for Gorillaz cosplayers!  My girlfriend and I will be 2D and Noodle the entire weekend, so finding some of our 'band mates'  would be awesome.
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Hi! I'm going to wear Ririchiyo Senzogaeri version on Sunday.
Are you guys wearing school version?


My friend is wearing the school uniform. I'm wearing something like Karuta's suit, except since I don't want to overheat, I probably won't wear a suit jacket.
We're going on Saturday though.


On Saturday...I wanted to see your cosplay :(
Must be cute your SS version Karuta!
Anyway you have a lovely time on Saturday!!


I wanted to see yours too :/
I'm sure it's cute though!
Have a great time on Sunday!


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Any Darker Than Black cosplayers going this year?

I'm wearing Yin on friday night. c:
YESS I am actually reeeeally happy that there are other DtB peeps this year :3

I might come as Hei. Don't know which day yet though.
So so!  I think all of us DtB cosplayers should meet up sometime during the con C: Not like official gathering-type, but I'd love to get pics with you all!

I'll be wearing Hei from Darker Than Black at some point, and it would be awesome to meet up for photos. (As soon as I figure out how to make the mask stay on.) How does Friday night sound?



I know this is super late. But I'm wondering if anyone happens to have a pair of small white gloves I can borrow on Sunday for a gathering real quick? On Sunday I will be cosplaying as Hungary from Hetalia at the Hetalia gathering so you can find me there, but I'll be using the gloves for a gathering after that at 2pm. If anyone is able to, thank you so much~!!! You would also be able to find me at the Hetalia 18+ gathering (I'm also going to be Hungary)
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Haruno Sakura:
Tsunade's apprentice, like Sasuke, once defeated the the Akatsuki organization of scorpion and Chiyo mother with trick: cherry red, medical Ninjutsu.

Li Luoke:
Like Sakura, love the young blood of youth Kay's apprentice, is a Ninjutsu and illusion are not the body of technical experts, as a whole from dawn to dusk, pay others efforts of hundreds of times, the trick: eight Fighters Konoha whirlwind , Drunken Master.

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Nara Shikamaru:
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Yamanaka Ino
Like Sasuke, enthusiastic, mature girls. The trick: flowers blinding, heart bypass heart surgery, fretting heart surgery.

Every day
Her goal is to become like Tsunade as Naruto, like Chinese dress attire. Trick: Thang Long day steel disaster.


Wondering if anyone is planning or thinking about cosplaying as a character from K anime (a.k.a K Project, Project K, [K]). I know the first season has just ended, so it's still really new, but I hope there's Fanime attendees who are fans of the series.


Anyone interested in doing something unique and like never before seen? Let's do Phantom Brave! It's an RPG game for the PS2 (the characters are extra map unlocked or DLCs for PS3 titles like Disgaea 3 & 4) I can provide story synopsis and images of characters! Hit me up in messages if you want OR I can ATTEMPT a gathering! :)
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Hey!  I had to throw it out there... I imagine there will be a few.  No????
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I don't remember seeing any last year. I think it's a niche that a lot of girls aren't into. I wouldn't mind seeing some ganguro this year for a change of pace.


I ran into a group of 3 girls and one girl on her own last year... no respectable Con will be without SOME ganguro!!

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I remember that hair and dress, but never saw the face. I stand corrected on ganguro attendance.


Is anyone out there considering cosplaying from Dangan Ronpa? I'll probably be there as Asahina one of the days!


I will be looking for fellow "Coboy Bebop" cosplayers!

Nina Star 9

I'm patterning my Julia cosplay right now, actually!

I'm not sure if or when I will be wearing it at this con, though. As it currently looks (which can easily change), it will be Saturday morning/early afternoon or Friday evening, maaaaaybe Sunday afternoon, depending on if I decide to switch things around so I can attend the Final Fantasy Gathering.

If you want to talk about forming a group, just PM me. :D I'm sure I'll have a more set cosplay schedule as we get closer to con, and we'd probably have to do a bit of working around my schedule.

My current cosplay list for this Fanime is
Sorceress Edea (FFVIII)
The Condesce (Homestuck)
Rose Lalonde (Homestuck) (Fancy version for B&W Ball)
Julia (Cowboy Bebop)
?Callisto Yew (Ace Attorney Investigations...if I can get this done)
?At least one older cosplay of mine (probably either Lady Blackpearl [Legend of Mana] or Ulala [Space Channel 5], though I might squeeze in Eruca [Radiant Historia] for the SMT gathering)

If anyone is cosplaying from these series and wants to form a group (haha...like anyone is cosplaying from anything non-HS on this list, and I'm not really looking for a group there unless someone has a REALLY good idea for one), or would like to join the AAI group we have forming, please PM me~