Any Shaman King fans out there?

Started by Furrat, July 13, 2011, 03:23:57 AM

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Is it just me or is Shaman King practically unheard-of? I only found 1 other fan among the guys I was hanging out with in 2011 & no cosplayers at all. Something is wrong here! Seriously.
Anyway enough of my ranting, the point of this post is to find other people who're into The awesomeness that is Shaman King. I'm especialy looking for cosplayers who might like to meet up next year and hang out. So pretty much reply if you like it so I wont be lonely anymore. Please? 


I love Shaman King! I wouldn't say it is unheard of, but rather, it has been forgotten. I would like to cosplay as one of the characters someday soon. Maybe this year. :)

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Oh! I completely agree, everyone seems to have forgotten about the magic that is Shaman King. I'm planning on cosplaying Hao sometime, so maybe if there's actually going to be a gathering, I'll cosplay him for Fanime 2012. I'll see if I can get my cosplay twin to be Yoh.

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Shaman King is freakin' awesome! :D  I'd love to do a Faust VIII cosplay, but idk if I can really pull it off (since he normally doesn't wear a shirt X3). Maybe I could be Eliza instead XD


dood if you guys really do this id be so down to be manta  ;D or yoh  :P


  :D Yay! I'm so happy to find other people! I found Shaman King around two years ago in a box of my cousin's old manga and fell in love!


We has a Horo right here! Right Renny?


@ Beyond.Human: hi ainu baka :P

P.S. Oh, another thing is that this wouldn't be an official gathering or anything. It would just be a hang out thing.


*Sad Face* Aaaaw... Don't be so mena Ren. :P You love me.