Homestuck Gathering 2012 *Updated 5/15*

Started by shy-cosplayer, September 07, 2011, 07:58:25 PM

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Fanime will be taking group pictures during the Gathering/Event this year. If you do not want to be included in those pictures please step aside for those photos. By remaining with the group when the pictures are being taken you give your consent to be photographed.


Awkward Cosplay wants to bring to you the Homestuck gathering of 2012! We plan for this to take place almost immediately after our Homestuck Q & A panel, aiming for Sunday afternoon :)

Day: Sunday
Time: 4:13pm
Place: FMS (front of convention center Marriott hotel side up in the corner where the trees are)

Second/Picnic Location: 5 pm CCPFH (Caesar Chavez Park across from the Fairmont Hotel)

*'s = additional party members

If you have posted on the forum already, please refrain from reposting, just so we can keep track of the amount of people attending.


John Egbert
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Dave Strider:
Rose Lalonde

Jade Harley


Karkat Vantas
Vriska Serket




I'll make sure to get there!  Now that I've got so many months to prepare and decide, I might as well narrow down my choices.  By then I should have two suited Daves, Jack Noir, Diamonds Droog, male!Feferi, and the Helmsman to choose from.
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Yes! Finally someone brought it up! I'll be there as Dave with my awesome little brother as God Tier John. We're so -Excit-Ed!!
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My small group is working on MAKING THIS HAPEN for Fanime.

So far, we'll be bringing a Karkat, a Jade (not sure which version yet), and regular Vriska (myself). I'm a relatively new fan to the series, so I'm excited for this!

Oh, and I just noticed Awkward Cosplay's taking part in this. If that awesome Eridan's going to be at the panel, I'm there. (Well, I'd be there anyway...)




I will be there as either Feferi or the Condesce... not sure yet.


Going as Disciple,Terezi or Jake.
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Oh geez, I have a plethora of potential costumes, but probably over the course of the con, i'll be wearing 3-4 of:
- Karkat
- Dave covered in babydaves
- Jane
- Nepeta (which I wore last year so I probably WON'T be wearing this to the meetup)
- Sailor Scout Godtier John ?? (also a rewear)
- Fem Sollux

I don't know which to wear to the meetup, probably one of the first three, whichever sounds the most interesting to people I guess???

EDIT: Definitely going to be Dave OR Karkat, Karkat is looking a bit more likely right now!


I plan to go as alternate outfit Jade and Aradiabot. :)

Not sure what I'll do for the the meet-up though.


Oh gosh, I am really excited about this 'cause t-this would be the first gathering I'd attend eeee. ouo
I'll be going as Jade, but I don't know which outfit yet, eheh. ouo; Squiddle jacket and sneaks outfit


I'll be attending the Gathering as either Karkat or Spades Slick. It depends on which one I'm wearing that day and which one there ends up being less of.


I will be attending as an original bard/jester!Gamzee.

I'll make sure to save a bottle or two of Faygo by the time the gathering rolls around, might still have some pie left too.
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I'm doing it. Also, this sounds awesome.


I shall attempt to put together a Dave cosplay in time, and if my friends are going through with their troll cosplays, I shall post for them as well!
I like trains.


I'll be going as Fem!Dave and my friend will be Fem!John. This is our first cosplay so we're really excited  :D

EDIT: Actually, my friend can't come, so it'll just be me as fem!Dave.


I'll have at least one version of Jade done.  If I get both that I want, I'll either be God Tier Jade or Jade in her 3AM dress.


Hey there! I've gotten the approval from shy-cosplayer and I started the thead! Linking it here to keep constancy! <3


I'll be there as Redglare, and I'll have two others with me but I'm not sure about their costumes yet.