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Started by nepty04, October 30, 2011, 07:53:11 PM

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Hey everyone, I know it's not that time of year yet to book rooms but I want to know your experience and the cost for Suites in either Hilton, Marriott and Crown. I want to get the feel of what It might cost me this coming year.

Thank you so much everyone  :-*


My boyfriend and I had a standard one bed room that was priced at around $89 a night at The Marriott. We stayed Thursday-Sunday night, and the total came out to around $420. HOWEVER, we had to place an extra $800 for a security deposit, so we ended up putting in $1200 in total. I mean, you get the security deposit back when you check out, but it's still ridiculously expensive. That and I wasn't able to use some of that money for the con itself, because I didn't realize a security deposit would be so expensive. Also, parking at the hotel came out to around $70 for the weekend.


The Junior Suite at the Marriott was $154 a night. We stayed Thursday - Monday and paid $703 after tax. There was an Incidentals charge of $100 that was removed post-con, as per usual.

Credit Cards have an Incidentals charge of $100, while Debit Cards have an Incidentals charge of $800. It has to do with liability.
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