Shin Megami Tensei/Persona Gathering 2013: The Ultimate at FanimeCon Arena

Started by heeroyuy135, November 09, 2011, 11:45:51 AM

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I will be there to take pics. You should put Catherine in here as well too Heero :D
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Ill be coming as Izanagi!



I also might be bringing a "close to life size as possible" inugami plush > w <
*update* He's about 8 feet and 75 inches from head to tail D: <3


1st post updated with projected day, time, and location


(Hopefully) I will be attending as Yosuke. There may also be an Adachi/Protagonist and a Gas Station Attendent [spoiler]Izanami[/spoiler] accompanying me.



Whether or not to have a midnight gathering, perhaps put up a poll to see how many people would actually attend?


Quote from: Kazuma_uzumaki on March 14, 2012, 01:27:29 PM
Whether or not to have a midnight gathering, perhaps put up a poll to see how many people would actually attend?
i second this! :D


Well the one thing that's holding me back is what happened last year when there wasn't communication between the Cosplay staff and the Rovers who gave us a hard time despite the fact that we were official.
I wish I could make a poll, but I am taking opinions right up to the deadline of when we have to submit cosplay gatherings. So have at it!


But who's going to save everyone from Shadows when midnight hits? D:
Haha, I'm not too familiar with all the gathering rulings, but is it against the rules to have just a bunch of people (who happen to be from the same series) just standing around when other passerbys just want to take pictures of everyone?


A midnight gathering would be awesome. I'd like to do that if possible.



We had a decent-sized gathering last year, so we should be good


Hey there Persona-users! XD

I'm planning on cosplaying the Female Main Protagonist from Persona 3 Portable.

The only problem is I was already planning on wearing Kyubey from Madoka on Saturday, since the gathering for that series is that day as well. :( But if this Persona gathering is moved to Midnight/Dark Hour..., that would be more convenient to switch into!   

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There's a very slight change of plans...instead of going as Shadow!Naoto, I'm gonna go as summer casual!Naoto. (The one in my userpic)


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I'll be there as Minako!

Also, I absolutely adored the midnight gathering last year, I really hope we can do that again.
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I'll either show up as Daichi from Devil Survivor 2 or the Hitoshura from SMT: Nocturne.


Working on being Youske from Persona 4. Don't know if I can get the cosplay done on time but I'll let u know when the time comes.
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I will likely be there with a group of varying P4 characters.  I'll likely be Souji / the P4 MC but I'm not sure who of my group can make it.  We should have a few characters, though.


My friend wanted me to cosplay with her so I had to drop Mitsuru's cosplay for someone elses.
Sorry. >_< I won't be attending.
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