League of Legends 2016

Started by Tabbychan, November 14, 2011, 10:49:27 PM

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Dani Phantom

OKAY ! thank you, i can't wait, so excited for Fanime c:


Haha Everyone as excited as I am XD only a few hours XD



Hi, I just wanted to post to let you guys know I'll be there as Teenage Annie :3

I never checked the forums before this weekend, so I'm sorry for not saying anything earlier :p


Welp... It looks like I couldn't get my costume together in time. I was still working on it even up until now. I didn't realize how much work was involved in making customized armor. (First timer). I'll be there to take pictures today though! Lookin' forward to seeing your guys' costumes! :)


Sorry to hear that Riot kitty but I'll be happy to have pics so thanks in advance for that<3

and aww teen Annie sounds awesome XD

Ugh already started walking around as Miss Fortune. So much Derp and yet lots of recognition.. I'm pretty stoked XD only a few more hours!!!


Add me on LoL! Migronoh is my summoner name :3

I was teen annie today :)


Hey guys! Add US on league!
Rammus: Carinasan
Surfer Singed: Bloodmage0
Samurai Yi: bloodymudkip
Anivia: Doesn't play anymore lols.
Dragon Fist Lee Sin: TiniTuna
Wicked Lulu: MizerMopp
Other Male Nidalee: Rezzureckshun
One of the Ahris (the mini one): Drkamazon
Technically Malphite (DAT Rock): Meyhem90

Feel free to challenge us. We suck. Only good one is Yi lololololol. HUEHUEHEUHEUHEUEHUEHEUHEUEHEUHEUEHUEHUE.

Yatta Dante

I'll sent y'all an add request.  Be warned though, I'm known to backdoor as Lux...;p

Summoner Name:  YattaDante

I look forward to playin' with you guys.
~Yatta Dante


Thanks again to everyone who showed up O_O Thank you for being so patient and for listening to me call out stuff till I lost my voice :) You guys made this gathering amazing!!!!

Although for something that was supposed to be only 22 people MAYBE getting closer to 40 or 50 was ridiculous XD

ANYWAYS My summoner name is Misshaven :) I hope to play with you all as well^^


It was fun! C: Does anyone have any pictures?! ^-^

Feel free to add me on LoL, I was the FEMALE Nidalee. huehuehuehue.



ill post what i have soon. Also, add me if you wish. My summoner name is Vashyron.


Thanks for the gathering and letting Uncle yell at all the AP champions

Yatta Dante

Quote from: G-Force on May 28, 2012, 09:26:57 PM
Thanks for the gathering and letting Uncle yell at all the AP champions

That was comedy gold.  Glad I got some video of that. XD
~Yatta Dante


I'll be showing up as Femme Malz again, improved of course ^_^ unless something changes in the next year XP. anyone have any pictures from 2012's gathering?


Hello~ I had lots of fun at the gathering ^^ I was akali.

Feel free to add me on LoL - Squallette..just drop a hello so I know where you're from!

Also, my friend took lots of pics from the gathering. they are in my facebook album of fanime - http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151010508268179.488768.704173178&type=1

Dani Phantom

hey you guys ; A; i added most of the LoL IGN's that were posted up :c you'll get a request from a blackdragongoddess (it's in a dumb format of lower case and upper case and is cut off) i'm sorry i didn't know it would actually come out like that, i was messing around , i hate it ; A;

Yatta Dante

I can't figure out how to send a message to someone before adding them. >.<
~Yatta Dante



Heres some of what i have for now. Also if you guys want to add udyr, his summoner name is Carmaine.


Ah, might be able to make it next year as Arctic Warfare Caitlyn. :P And maybe my fiance Lunarmatique as Malzahar.
"Please don't.."