League of Legends 2016

Started by Tabbychan, November 14, 2011, 10:49:27 PM

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I have two league cosplay i'm also trying to mad dash to finish xD


The Placement list so far XD Since I was bored and this seemed entertaining! So mid is the most popular and junglers and the least popular so far XD Kinda like a real league game XD

Mid Lane(13)
Azreale - Goth Annie
Sushimini's Friends - Annie
Sushimini's Friends -  Tibbers
(GG)Nami_Misaki - Ballerina Orianna
Wolftale's Friend - Ghost Bride Morgana
Sierrastop & Friend - Spellthief Lux
ShepherdPie & Friends - Victor
Used Mattress - Twisted Fate
kittidna & Friends - Katarina
Azalea - Ahri
Azalea's friend - Ahri
Riot Kitty - Popstar Ahri
ShockbladeZed - Shockblade Zed

Top Lane(5)
ShepherdPie & Friends - Jayce
Kyonluver - Battle Bunny Riven
kittidna & Friends - Classic Akali
Wolftale's Friends~! - Mad Scientist Singed
Wolftale's Friends~! -  Debenoir Jayce

Junglers(1 XD)
sadistic-otaku - Mecha Kha'Zix

ADC (9)
Sushimini's Friends - Ezreal
(GG)Nami_Misaki's BF - Pulsfire Ezreal Lvl 16
LyddieCosplay - Jinx
Asher9000  - Heartseeker Vayne
Ezruul - Ezreal
theguestswillbegoats - Nottingham Ezreale
cockyvonmurdertits - Jinx
somegirlkatie - Heartseeker ashe
HaiChristie - Riotgirl Tristana

Support ( 8 )
Sushimini - Sona
Wolftale - Muse Sona
Sierrastop & Friend - Dragon Trainer Lulu
Kiki Takahashi - Winterwonder Lulu
ShepherdPie & Friends - Wicked Lulu
HaiChristie - Forecast Janna
kittidna & Friends- Hextech Janna
Wolftale's Friends~! -  Divine Soraka

Sushimini's Friends -  2 Undecided.
Asher9000 & Friend - Purple Caster Minion
Tabbychan's Friend - Blue Melee Minion
Tabbychan - Purple Caster Minion or Other

Cosplay Circus

that is one lonely jungle lol
- Elizabeth (Seven Deadly Sins)
- Morrigan (Dragon Age)
- Panty (Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt)



Is there a room for a Shockblade Zed cosplayer in the gathering? :D
14' - Shockblade Zed
15' - ODST from Halo 3 ODST
Soon - Rx-93 Nu Gundam [Hiatus]
Soon - Dark AetherWing genderbend Kayle [Hiatus]



Just because you revive into the rift, doesn't mean there aren't any injuries. Looks like this gathering needs some medical help, Surgeon Shen is here to show you a demonstration of superior judgement.
They are not Fallen Angels, they are Fabled..


Shen and Zed in the same gathering? this is gonna be interesting. LOL
14' - Shockblade Zed
15' - ODST from Halo 3 ODST
Soon - Rx-93 Nu Gundam [Hiatus]
Soon - Dark AetherWing genderbend Kayle [Hiatus]


We are located on these steps everyone :D


The new part of the area looks really neat :O
14' - Shockblade Zed
15' - ODST from Halo 3 ODST
Soon - Rx-93 Nu Gundam [Hiatus]
Soon - Dark AetherWing genderbend Kayle [Hiatus]


I'll be there going as Ziggs! This is my first convention so it's cool to be able to come to a gathering


This year I will be attending as Evelyn in her shadow Evelyn skin



Ooo such a pretty spot for the gathering!
I'll be going as Jinx!


Depending on my mood, I may come to this as Ahri.


This will be interesting, and just to confirm, I will be Surgeon Shen. Hopefully the swords will be prepared by then.  :)
They are not Fallen Angels, they are Fabled..



Drop another Shockblade Zed on the roster, I found a way to make it fit my budget!


My friend is going as Kitty Cat Katarina so hoping she'll show up to the gathering :D
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I'll be going as Panda Annie, my boyfriend will be Malzahar, and two of my friends will be Sivir and a Poro. :D

My boyfriend and I were Panda Annie and Malzahar last year, but we missed the gathering. :( Not this time!!
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