League of Legends 2016

Started by Tabbychan, November 14, 2011, 10:49:27 PM

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Would love to attend as Popstar Ahri :3 Looking forward to meeting all you nice people X3


If I have time, I could come over as a Popstar version of any League girls, Officer Caitlyn, Firecracker Jinx, or Forecast Janna. Decisions are so hard to choose
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Updated :D Can't wait guys!


I hope to attend as Bittersweet Lulu! Just depends on when the gathering is :)


I'll try to be there as Ashe! I also have a new other friends that will be there too :D
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I will be Ezreal for the League of Legends 2015 Fanime gathering!

It's been 100% redone and I'm excited to debut it at an actual con! :D It'll be great to see everybody again.
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Great to have you and I'm super excited for this year!!!!! :D


It's my first year at Fanime; but it's pretty likely my boyfriend and I will be coming as Debonair Ezreal and Koi Nami. Not 100% sure what day yet, but we'll definitely try to make it. :)
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Will be Fem Draven
And my sister will be Fem Galio!

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I'm going as Battle Bunny Riven on Sunday or Monday this year ouo

Sorry if you actually had a date on there I tried looking and got confused ><;;


IF this si on one of the first two days, Ill come as Bridesmaid Miss Fortune (an OC skin)! I cant wait!! Now im pumped up!! ;)


requests have been sent in the HOPEFUL idea would be Sunday at noon BUT it's not a confirmed time and until they are posted by B and her team I can't garentee a time slot ^^ I will update asap <3


So little did I know, the official time for League has been set! We are officially Sunday at noon to 1 at the same location as last year! The hub :) Basically the steps out front of the reg area <3 IF you cannot make sunday I WILL be running a MOBA gathering in which league cosplayers are more than welcome on saturday at 5pm :)


Should definitely be able to bring Koi Nami and Debonair Ezreal on Sunday. :) Will probably also be wandering around as Guqin Sona at least one of the days? (looking like Friday, right now).
2015 Cosplays:

Friday - Guqin Sona (League of Legends)
Saturday - Rydia (FFIV After Years)
Sunday - Koi Nami (League of Legends)


All of those sound amazing :)


My sister and I will be attending as Annie and Tibbers. I will be Tibbers. I'm so very excited about it!

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i'll be going as dj sona [kinetic version]
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I will be attending as Full Metal Jayce.

Awesome as it sounds, I'm new to cosplay. Last year's Fanime was my first time.

I was at the gathering as Mafia Graves. I will likely bounce around in that once I get too sweaty/tired wearing the Jayce armor qq

See you all there!
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