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Author Topic: Is Musicfest still happening on 2012?  (Read 21973 times)

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Re: Is Musicfest still happening on 2012?
« Reply #120 on: May 06, 2012, 04:42:29 AM »

It seems odd that there is suddenly an influx of guest announcements. Not that I'm complaining, but it seems like Fanime purposely waited until now to announce them? I find it hard to believe that's it's all just coincidental that the contracts/planning all came together at the same time for all different guests. Not that I care anymore, since LK will be attending at least, but it is really weird and unlike the past eight years I've attended. Is Fanime under new management or something?
This is a situation where we (FanimeCon) can't win. If we didn't announce as many guests as we did, people would complain that we weren't announcing guests and when we do, we're accused of planning it (with negative intentions). I've read numerous false theories from the fact that were trying to lock people into hotel rooms to the fact that we were going to cancel this year's con... ALL FALSE.

Sometimes, it can be something as simple as all of the contracts getting signed at the same time or something as complex as intense negotiations. In the end, we (FanimeCon) do not gain anything from screwing around with the convention that you all *want* to go to. If we were plotting anything negative, the risk of tarnishing our reputation would never be worth it.

I left this thread open because I thought it could be a good way to answer the simple question of the fate of an event that one of our members was curious about, but it has seemed to get way off topic (although the response will be "LOL YOU LOCKED THIS THREAD BECAUSE YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH?!!!!!1111222" ;)). We apologize for the huge delay in announcing our guests, but there wasn't any negative intention behind it... As it is every year, we will continue to give our all in order to make FanimeCon the best show to the best of our ability. =)

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