gaming headsets?

Started by canine_fang, January 02, 2012, 01:40:29 AM

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what pro gaming headset do you use when playing your video games?
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TC X0 Lt 0X

I WOULD use Astro A40s, but that is far out of my price range for now.

I USED to use Turtle Beach Earforce PX21s, back when I still had hope for Turtle Beach having the ability to make decent headphones. Of course watching them fall apart and my friends fall apart have made it abundantly clear how trashy their products are.
Same goes for Triton. Their mics are made of glass, and break super easy.

Right now my PX21s have been reduced to Mic and Ear piece duty, sense they can at least do that with only one headphone operating. Game Audio is either TV or Desk Speakers for now.

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Logitech G35 on my deskrop and the G930 when I'm on my laptop. Looking at getting the Razor Tiamat



i have the turtle beach 400 at a friends house and they work quite fine when we game together and at home i have the turtle beach x12 and they work fine also. none of them have gone out on me and they havent broken at all. but other than that im actually quite happy on how alot of my stuff helps me get better at video games. but lately ive noticed that alot of the people that play fighting games take it so hard up the butt. last night i was at one of my friends house and some dude had like 2,000+ wins and 50+ loses and i had like 12 wins and 4 loses and he actually went pro on me and im trying to fight and im thinking wow. . . . here is someone that has played more matches and more games than me and wont even give a new player a chance to actually win. and then after that fight i went into another fight and the dude wasnt really putting up a fight untill i actually started beating him and then decided to go pro.
ppl know me as dk369 but i retired that name once i quit initial d


Very late to the post, but Corsair's Vengeance headsets are very good.

If you are serious about sound and got the money to spare, a dedicated sound card + a good audiophile headset is the way to go.
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I use Turtle Beach set during those "Cat & Mouse" situations on Search & Destroy games and it didn't let me down.
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Sennheiser HD 380 is my usual pair, but i just recently upgraded from the 280's that i've had for about 5(?) years.


Astro MixAmp + Sennheiser PC360s.

Still have SteelSeries Siberia V2 and Razer Carcharias.

But pretty much any regular headphone+mic or headset goes well with the MixAmp.


I've been using an old pair of Turtle Beach Ear Force X11s for awhile. I'm planning to switch to some SteelSeries Sibera v2s. I want it so badly. :c
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Ive had these Plantronics Gamecom Headset for nearly 2 years, never short circut, never fails me, never negative happenings. guess what? GameCom 307 only costed me 30 bucks. not 200 LOL

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