What's your first Anime?

Started by Mordyan, April 28, 2004, 03:57:04 PM

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That's the best way to start off! Rock on!
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wazup homies


Awesome avatar, by the way.
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wazup homies


My first anime had to have been the butchered Sailor Moon back in 1995, I think. Then at Fanime Con 98 I sat in a video room watching SM subtitled.
My first manga ever is D N Angel, which I just got this year :)
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I never read D N Angel. Is it good?
For the love of... I forgot to put the "d" in "redcomet15"... - redcomet15


My first anime would have to be Sailormoon (the horribly dubbed version) played on UPN 44. Also Please Save My Earth, when they played decent anime on KTEH.
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My first watched anime is DBZ when it appeared on Toonami. It was pretty cool at the time. I got tired of it towards the end of the Majin Buu saga.

EDIT:Crap! I just remembered what my first anime really was. Ronan Warriors. I completely forgot about that.
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Me: Six years old. 1989.

Anime: Hotaru no Haka, Grave Of the Fireflies. Fansubbed.

Yeah. My first and the hook were one and the same. I'd say that it quite literally changed my life.
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first anime in states was prolly ah my goddess

but i remember having saint seiya and gundam coloring books when i was in taiwan


Sailor Moon. I've been into anime for almost eight years and if it wasn't for "Moon Prism Power", I might not have ever seen series like Ah, Megami-Sama, Yami no Matsuei and the list continues.

I was in the summer after my fifth grade...and while channel surfing, I came across a girl with long blonde hair and weird eyes. So I did a search online and got this weird stuff called "an-ee-mee". *laughs*


Heck yeah, Anubis rocks.

First manga was Inuyasha, and first subbed anime was Escaflowne.

My VERY first anime, though, was Sailormoon. I had just come from my last day of eighth grade and was despressed, so I turn on the tv and there's this blue-haired chick being attacked by a monster, then something glowed on her forehead, a cat started talking and I was hooked. Took me a week to find it again, though, because I didn't know what it was! Didn't even check the time it was on. In fact, I didn't even know Sailormoon was the main character. Yes, I was a very stupid little eighth grader...
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Dot Hack is my favorite series.  the first anime I saw I'm not sure because my friends brought all these series over.  It was DBZ, Excel Saga, or Inu Yasha.
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My vey FIRST was probably.... Pokemon or sailor moon. I was a HUGE pokemon fan along with digimon, but i remember sailro moon too. i never watched it, but hey my friend was obseessed!


InuYasha is my favorite though!


Ag, first anime was Sailormoon way back in 1995 when the only anime on TV was really was either SM or DBZ. I've branched out ALOT since then, but any art style is affected by it, I very much tend to draw very shoujo-ish type of art.


well, back in the days... there was alot of anime that 'accidentally' found itself on american tv... mixed with the other supposed american cartoons...

the typical like :
Speed Racer

then thanks to PBS sci/anime night... there was a couple of others that leaked thru the cracks... like :
Urusei Yatsura
Please Save my Earth
Key: the Metal Idol

but the REAL anime that totally turned me into a rabid fanboy collecting ever Single volume til I was done...

it was ALL about some crazy boy turning into girl and his stupid and yet funny Dad that turns into a panda while being chased by a manly-uncute-cooking that can kill you girl- followed by a crazy amazon-cat-girl.... followed by a perverted old man - followed by a okonomi-yaki cook with a huge serving spatula - followed by....

well u get the jist right ?

and of course my collectiong has "slighty' grown since then...

yah, anime is more expensive than an addiction to crack...

maybe I should goto Anime's anonymous...  :roll:


My first anime in the 80's was Voltron, Speed Racer, Transformers, Robotech, I don't know if it counts as anime but G.I. Joe, Thunder Cats, The G Force.
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Quote from: "Mystic_Man"... There was a local cable channel that I used to watch that played Evangelion, Key the Metal Idol, Lum and Please Save the Earth <-- title was something like that:? I'm not sure it's been a couple of years since I watched that channel.

Ah, that would be KTEH, or in your area, KCAH.  I am still very, very
impressed with them; they took the lead in broadcasting uncut, unedited
anime well before the demographics showed that it was the right direction
for a TV station to go.  In some ways, I think they helped *prove* that there
was enough demand for anime for it to be worth procuring licenses and
showing it on broadcast TV.  I volunteered during a pledge drive when
they were showing Dirty Pair Flash, and noted that they set the pledge
goals considerably higher during the anime block than they did for the
adjacent block--and they still met their pledge goal.  ^_^  It's amusing
for me to find out that KTEH could broadcast Evangelion now, when in
Japan Yamaga-san said that due to increased restrictions, the original
station that showed Eva no longer would be allowed to air it, due to the

KTEH was able to get broadcast licenses for series like PSME, Tenchi,
Key the Metal Idol, and Evangelion because at the time nobody thought
there would be a real audience for the shows; once they demonstrated
that there *was* an audience, and that audience was willing to put real
pledge money down when anime was being shown, the licensors woke
up and started to smell money.  After being successful at obtaining
broadcast licenses for some of Takahashi's works (Ranma movies,
Urusei Yatsura) from Viz, KTEH found that when they went back to
license Inuyasha, Viz was no longer interested in working with them,
instead wanting to hold out for licensing deals with larger networks.
And now, the licensing costs for series have gone up with the increasing
popularity of anime to the point where the small independent stations
like KTEH can't afford them anymore.  :(  It's part and parcel of the process
of becoming a mainstream product, I know--but I still like to give kudos
to KTEH for helping prove that there was money to be made in showing
anime on TV.   ^_^

But as far as my particular gateway series, that would have to be
Robotech back in high school... biking home quickly so I could get to
see each episode (I didn't know what the opening was for the first whole
season, as I couldn't make it home in time to see the opening--but for
the second season, they moved it half an hour later.  :D )  At the time
I didn't even know it was "anime"--I just knew it was different from the
repetitious "Tom and Jerry" style of cartoons that took up the rest of the


a DBZ Movie in raw japanese...I couldn't understand it but I thought it was cool anyways. :oops:

Street Fighter: the Animated movie

Neon Genesis Eva
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