Approximately when do we need our seller's permits?

Started by AnimeJet, February 07, 2012, 04:47:42 PM

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Hi I'm sorry if this was answered I looked in the FAQ and could not find it. I haven't gotten my final notice of acceptance yet but I'm out of state and when I get my permit I'm going to have to mail it, which takes longer than just go to the local BOE office  :( I'm wondering if anyone knows when I'll need the permit # by?

I read some where that BOE doesn't like to give permits till 30 days prior to when we need them, so I'm like, uh oh can i actually send my form too early? Does anyone have experience with that? Should I mail it now or wait till 30 days prior to when I know we'll need them? And if so, that is why I am asking when T_T, sorry. Thanks.


Not true. I got my Seller's Permit to start late May until August, and I did it in January. I'm pretty sure you can get it whenever. Though I don't think you need the actual permit until the convention - I don't think you're required to have it for registration or sign up of your table.


Oh, well that makes it a lot easier. I should send it off sooner rather than later then, in case i mess up something i can try again. Thanks :D


You can technically get it the day of. You just have to go into one of their field offices and fill out the form. I've done that before when I didn't think I could get a mailed one in time.


that is also really good to know because if for some reason the mailed one gets lost i will be in california a week before the con so i can do it last minute if i need to xOx. for some reason i thought the premit was required when we paid for our tables >_<


When I went in to go get one in San Jose they said they disliked how many people go them last minute for Fanime and thanked me for getting one so early. Based on that I would say BOE would love if you got it way in advance.


Always better to do it ASAP, to avoid any stress later.
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