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Author Topic: FULFILLED - Fanime 2012 Roommate thread  (Read 9702 times)

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FULFILLED - Fanime 2012 Roommate thread
« on: January 31, 2012, 03:04:21 PM »

Need a room:
+ Introduction: My name is Jennifer. I'm 26 and female (if you can't tell, lol). I do not smoke, I'm a fairly quiet person by nature so you have no worries of me partying or anything, and I'm respectful of others. I do have a Facebook account. Feel free to drop me a line, if you like. ;D This is my first Fanime, though it is my fourth convention (I've been to Sakura Con twice, and SacAnime just this month).
+ Hotel Information: I don't really care where, as long as the price is as low as possible for me. I would like to stay from Thursday until either Sunday or Monday; it'll depend on what I can do for transportation, and if there is anything interesting scheduled on Sunday and/or Monday that I might want to go see. I'll figure all of that out on my own, though. :)
+ Requirements: I don't really have any... As long as I can sleep, shower, and store my things in the room for a decent price, I'll be happy. :D If you have three people and are looking for a fourth, I'll be more than happy to fill that spot, lol. Oh, and if you don't mind helping me lace up things (like Renaissance dress type things), that would be great. I haven't decided on all that I'll be bringing with me, but that might be something that is needed. >.<
+ Contact: PM or Facebook would be best.
+ Miscellaneous: I live in Lake Tahoe, CA, and I don't have a car/driver's license (I have an ID, though, lol), so I have to rely on good old public transportation or getting rides from people I know. If anyone is heading from that direction and is willing to give me a ride, I would very much appreciate it. We can discuss details, if you like. Otherwise, I'm gonna be taking either the Greyhound or Amtrak. ^_^;
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Re: Fanime 2012 Roommate thread
« Reply #1 on: February 06, 2012, 09:47:52 PM »

Me and my friend are looking for some roommates, 2 to 3 people, I'm a 20 year old dude and she's a 20 year old chick, so basically..

+ Hotel Information:
We'll be staying at the Marriot, from Thursday to Monday.
+ Costs:
100$ per person, CASH ONLY please.
+ Requirements:
Bring a sleeping bag
Preferably girls, please, the owner/person in charge is a girl so she'd be more comfortable with girls, but dudes welcome too.
+ Contact:
I can be contacted at:

My friend can be contacted at:

Contact her if you have any questions about the room
+ Miscellaneous:
Please note, it's a small room with one bed so we'll be taking no more than 3 people unless you want it to be really cramped.
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Re: Fanime 2012 Roommate thread
« Reply #2 on: February 06, 2012, 10:18:00 PM »

Roommates Wanted: One for now
Hi I'm Rose I'm 20 and you can contact me on Facebook it's Rose Chelsea Love Carlson or by email which is
+ Hotel Information: Fairmont Hotel a block away but part of the con in a way Thursday - Monday
+ Costs: we're trying to get 6 people in so it'll be $88 a person.
+ Requirements: I'd prefer a girl because the rest of us are girls and cons don't need to be awkward. We need to keep the room clean and organized. I can try to bring an air mattress for those sleeping on the floor if that helps. No smoking or drinking in the room.
+ Miscellaneous: Well I live in NorCal and it's a 2 hour drive down to SJ but I'll be there on Thursday to Monday because it's just easier that way for me. I don't mind having to pick someone up from the Amtrak or airport but remember that I'll have to get you after we check in and get all the stuff out since my car doesn't hold that many people. I'm into Prince of Tennis, Air Gear, Pandora Hearts, and so so much more.
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Re: Fanime 2012 Roommate thread
« Reply #3 on: February 16, 2012, 08:27:59 AM »

Lookin' for 2 roommates! We're already full!

+ Introduction: My name is Karen and you can't find me on facebook since I don't even use it that much, haha. However, I'm always available through email. This will be my first year at Fanime, but I'm not new to cons by any means. I'm going to sell at the Artist Alley with a friend of mine. :>
+ Hotel Information: We are staying at the Marriott, Thursday-Sunday. The room has a king sized bed and one extra roll-away bed. The room is non-smoking.
+ Costs: The total for the room comes up to about $557. PM me if you have concerns about the costs. (You won't have to pay over $100, though!)
+ Requirements: I'd prefer it if you're a girl AND you're an artist selling at the alley. I understand that it's really hard to pay for the AA table, supplies, badge, hotel, etc. so artists get first priority.
+ Contact: PM me or you can send me an email at anakgranados(at)gmail(.)com (Or, if you have a deviantart, you can leave me a note there, too.!
+ Miscellaneous: We'd prefer if you're over the age of 18 to room with us. Also, if you're over 21 and you go out to have a drink, we'd really prefer if you don't come back into the room drunk and whatnot! I'm a pretty laid-back person but I hope you don't do anything stupid that can get us kicked out of the hotel.

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Re: Fanime 2012 Roommate thread
« Reply #4 on: February 16, 2012, 09:20:04 AM »


+ Introduction: Hi I'm Jennifer (or Amour) I might've already contacted some people for hotel information, but it doesn't hurt to post a reply on the thread anyways!
I'm taking 3 other girls with me (so in total 4 girls). I'm a cosplayer and the other 3 girls are artists tabling for Fanime.

+ Hotel Information: We need the days Thursday-Monday and close to the convention center.

+ Costs: I would like at most $80-100 depending on room size.

+ Requirements: We would preferably have it an all-girls room. Boys are okay as long as they don't take the majority of the ratio.

+ Contact: My facebook:
My e-mail:

+ Miscellaneous: Information about 3 other girls will be followed when you contact me!
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Re: Fanime 2012 Roommate thread
« Reply #5 on: February 18, 2012, 01:39:20 AM »

Need a room:

+ Introduction: hi my name is jackie. this will be my 7th year at fanime and i'm looking for a room for me (21-year-old) and my boyfriend (22-year-old) (i promise, we will keep things pg-13). we're both really chill ppl and we like to have fun but we're also respectful and decent.

+ Hotel Information: we don't really care where as long as its within walking distance. umm we'd probably stay friday through sunday so 3 nights

+ Requirements: no requirements really. a place to sleep would be nice..and preferably a bed but we've slept on floors before. and relatively cheap please..its already costing a bit for me to go >___<

+ Contact: my email is which i check like a bazillion times a day, or PM me

+ Miscellaneous: both my boyfriend and i are naturally from the bay which is awesome. im a general anime fan, hes a gamer so he'll be in the gaming room most of the time XD yea..hit me up or something :D

we decided to commute
thanks for all the ppl that emailed me offering their rooms :)
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Re: Fanime 2012 Roommate thread
« Reply #6 on: February 19, 2012, 02:34:04 AM »

Found thanks!

Roommates Wanted: May 24 - 29th
+ Introduction: Hello I'm looking for someone who is flying solo to the con this year, because I am! So let's make this an experience. My friends moved off and decided they just are not into anime anymore.. Sad I know. So I am looking for someone who is cosplaying ( not a requirement ) respectful, fun and drug free and is not looking for a crazy hotel party.
+ Hotel Information: Fairmont
+ Costs: 207 right down the middle - I will take the payment in cash or paypal at least 2 weeks before the con unless there are special circumstances.
+ Requirements:  Drug free, At the very least 18 I would prefer 21 though, either gender is fine & welcome, I don't mind as long as you are respectful.
+ Contact: Message me on here and I will send you my contact info :) I check it often so I'll respond speedily.
+ Miscellaneous: Woho! I'm looking forward to this year I hope you are. Lets talk cosplay! If I can find someone who is solo'ing it like me
let's plan one together!
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Re: Fanime 2012 Roommate thread
« Reply #7 on: February 19, 2012, 11:13:55 AM »


Need a room:
For me and a friend.

+ Introduction: Hi, my name's Lina (21 years old) and I'm coming up to Fanime for the second time with my friend Amy (22 years old). We missed getting a room early this year so we're looking to get roommates at a hotel close to the convention.

+ Hotel information - May 24-28, Thursday through Monday, close to convention center

+ Requirements - Prefer a girls-only room. Aside from that, nothing special, just need a place to sleep and get ready for the day. We won't be drinking or partying or anything like that, and won't be out past 11 or so (unless that's okay w/other roommates, and even then it'd be unlikely).

+ Contact: Send me a PM or email me at finchan(@)gmail(.)com and I will give you my contact info.

+ Misc: I can probably bring some snacks/cookies if anyone wants them, lol. If you have any other important questions you can ask when you message me, I'll respond ASAP.
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Re: Fanime 2012 Roommate thread
« Reply #8 on: February 23, 2012, 06:37:49 PM »

Available room

First, the room is not from a hotel and it's definitely not walking distance

My sister has an empty room available at her condo approximately 17 miles (25 mins) away from the con; I will also be staying at my sister's place for the con but i won't be staying in the room

Thursday night thru Sunday night/Monday morning
Drink/Smoke: Nope
Preference: girls or girls and guys but not all guys
Total price for the entire weekend
1 person: $75
2 people: $140
3 people: $195

I will be driving early and leaving late to the con everyday so we'll carpool together; no need to pay for gas or parking

If you're interested, have any questions, or want a link to our Facebook profile, PM or email me at
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Re: Fanime 2012 Roommate thread
« Reply #9 on: February 26, 2012, 01:32:56 AM »

Need a room! Found, thanks a bunch!

Introduction: I go by Chain; you can stalk me on Tumbr (url chain-of-prospit) to find out more about me. I do have a Facebook so just PM me if you would like to see it. I don't drink or smoke or anything. I'm eighteen.
Hotel information: I'm planning on the whole weekend so yeah. Nearest hotel possible would be great. Generally walking distance should be fine, since I'm not wearing ridiculous shoes this year. Cheaper is better. I don't really care how many people I'm stuffed with. I an sleep in chairs or on floors or in bathtubs or whatever, really.
Costs: Looks like eighty to a hundred is about the going rate... To be honest that's kind of a lot for me, so you know the less the better obviously, but I mean if it's reasonable it's reasonable. I probably wouldn't go for anything over a hundred though.
Requirements: I'm pretty much chill. Closer to my age and non-smokers/drinkers/whateverers would be ideal. It'd be rad if we liked the same things and could get to know each other but I'll take what I can get haha.
Contact: Facebook works, Tumblr works, e-mail works (
Miscellaneous: Uh I'll be cosplaying, I like a lot of stuff, most recently Homestuck, Supernatural, and MLP, hmm... Am surgically attached to my electronics... Pretty much? Idk what to put here.
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Re: Fanime 2012 Roommate thread
« Reply #10 on: March 05, 2012, 05:51:59 AM »

Found one, thanks guys.

Need a room:
+ Introduction: Hello, my name is Aaron. I'm looking for a room from the 24-28 or the 29
This will be my 4th Fanime Con. I have also hosted a room for Anime Expo last year so I'm no stranger when it comes to conventions. 5th time at AX.
I'm social, respectful, drug free, don't smoke, I do enjoy a drink, but in a responsible manor. I'm more business professional.  I might be cosplaying this year, but not still not 100% sure on that.

+ Hotel Information: I like to stay at the Marriott, Hilton or within walking distance.

+ Requirements: I'm open to both male/female rooms. I would prefer a bed spot, but will do with a floor spot. If need be I'll be willing to pay a bit extra for a bed spot. $100+ would be no problem for me.

+ Contact: You can reach me by pm's or by email/facebook. Although I'm not on facebook that much.
email: and my Facebook link
+ Miscellaneous: I'm a heavy sleeper so I don't mind if people come and go through out the night. That's all  can think of at the moment.
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Re: Fanime 2012 Roommate thread
« Reply #11 on: April 05, 2012, 09:30:14 AM »

Giving up a room:

Hello all!  My boyfriend and I decided that we don't have the time spend three nights at Fanime, so we're looking to give it up to someone who might need it.

Hotel room - Mariott
Room type - Double
Length of stay - three nights (Friday through Monday)

We are not looking for roommates, we are simply looking to give this room to someone.  As far as prices go, please feel free to shoot me a message.  

I have found someone.  Thank you all for your interest. 
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Re: Fanime 2012 Roommate thread
« Reply #12 on: April 05, 2012, 11:11:17 AM »

Yes I want it!
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Re: Fanime 2012 Roommate thread
« Reply #13 on: April 07, 2012, 06:57:42 AM »

Room found!

+ Introduction: Hiya, my name is Anne Marie, I am a 26 year old female, I usually go by "Emmy". This will be my first time at Fanime but I have been attending conventions since 2003 and staffing since 2006.

+ Hotel Information: I hope to arrive Thursday but if I can only find a room for Friday and beyond that is fine. Leaving Monday or Tuesday are both fine. kee
I don't mind sleeping on the floor, in fact if a chair is available that will be ideal. I do cosplay, but I do my best to not be annoying about it. I might need to be poked to stop hogging the mirror when getting ready. I don't take up much space and I can bring make-up and personal hygiene supplies into the bathroom only when I am about to use them if I can't store them there.

+ Requirements: No smoking, please, I am violently allergic. I don't drink, party, or do any drugs but I am more likely to sleep through it if you choose to party. I would prefer to pay around or under $100 but will take what is available. Walking distance would be great, but not required. I would like some closet space please and if possible an area about the size of a textbook for wigs and wig heads on a table or desk.

+ Contact: I have a facebook with my full name and I am weirdlilfaechil on, Emmy on American Cosplay Paradise, and weirdlilfaechild on devianart. My email address is

+ Miscellaneous: I am disabled and will need a wheelchair accessible room, however I see this more as a plus for the other people in the room, accessible rooms are bigger and when no accessible rooms are available hotels often upgrade to a suite. The room holder will most likely need to call at least a few weeks before check-in to make sure the room can be switched to an accessible room.

Thank you, all who responded!
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Re: Fanime 2012 Roommate thread
« Reply #14 on: April 08, 2012, 08:08:31 PM »

Name: BenihimeSama/Venus
FULL! Sorry!
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Re: Fanime 2012 Roommate thread
« Reply #15 on: April 12, 2012, 01:25:44 PM »


Name: Glitch
Hotel: Crown Plaza/Hyatt
Price range: $90(if we have 4 people in the room), $120(if we have 3 people).
Space available: Two roommates
Requirements:  We prefer 18+, but we are ok with roommates close to that age. Gender is no problem. We are two guys running the room but we are well behaved gentlemen.
Be certain you are absolutely going to Fanime. We want to be sure we aren’t left hanging at the last minute.
We will need 50 bucks of the hotel money up front when you first put your stuff in the room. And course you pay the rest of the hotel room money at the end of Fanime. We are actually very laid back and fun people but, since we don’t know you too well, we take this as a precaution.
Please don’t leave a mess around. Make sure your food wrappers are in the trash and dirty clothes are not all over the place.  
Some good hygiene is also a plus. I’m not one to dictate others’ shower habits but make sure we don’t smell you from across the room.
And finally, keep the drama outside o f the room. But have as much fun as you can. ^_^
If possible, contact me on facebook, and have two of your FB friends vouch for you that you are trustworthy. My facebook:

Details: Now that we got all the strict BS out of the way, here are the lighter details. The room is run by me and my friend Anotnio. We’ve been doing this since 2009. I myself have been going to Fanime since 2001. I am also the host of The Comedy Club at Fanime panel.
If you stay with us we will make sure you are fed (by this I mean store bought food) I feel it’s a little inhumane to have my roommates go on the “one meal a day” or “all ramen” convention diets. lol
 I’ll be bringing ingredients for sandwiches. Sandwiches made from butter bread, chicken, lettuce, tomato, and mayo.(I don’t skimp on taste ^_^ ) We’ll also have some apples, bananas ,cereal ,chips,  bottled water, and soda ready.  You’re on your own for fast food, but I’ll be bringing fast food coupons and willing to share them.
So that’s it. I like to think of the hotel room as a place to chill and take a break from the Fanime when you get worn out .We hope to have a great time with anyone who applies. I love meeting new people and it’ll be cool to see how it turns out.
My email address: Make sure to put ROOMMATE in the subject line.
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Re: Fanime 2012 Roommate thread
« Reply #16 on: April 12, 2012, 11:03:29 PM »

Roommates Wanted: ROOMIE FOUND! Thanks everyone!

+ Introduction: We are two friends from Canada aged 27, one male and one female. We will be participating in Fanime's artist alley and will be up early and busy with that on most days. This is my 2nd Fanime but we've been going to cons since 2003.

+ Hotel Information: Ramada Limited - One queen Bed. Thurs-Sun. (Free Wi-Fi, parking and Breakfast. Located 2 blocks from the convention.

+ Costs: 305 total, so split 3 ways is around 100, and 4 ways is around 75 for 4 nights.

+ Requirements: Preferably over 21 but will consider others. We just ask that you be respectful. No smoking in the room but drinking is fine if you are of age.

+ Contact: Please send me a PM or an email to elisetrinh at

+ Miscellaneous: you can share the bed with one of us (or take it all if you are a couple) or sleep on the floor. We are fine with either.

If you would like to peek at our artworks visit us on deviantart. I am and my friend is

Hope to hear from you soon!
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Re: Fanime 2012 Roommate thread
« Reply #17 on: April 14, 2012, 12:09:59 AM »

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Re: Fanime 2012 Roommate thread
« Reply #18 on: April 14, 2012, 03:44:05 PM »

Roommate found!

Roommate Wanted:

+ Introduction: Hullo! I'm Kaila, and have two other friends, Favi and Katharine, rooming with me. We're 23, 22, and 21 respectively, all girls. This is maybe our third or so Fanime. We all like to cosplay and are generally just chill people. :)
+ Hotel Information: Fairmont, from Friday to Monday. We unfortunately only managed to snag a room with one bed, however, so you'll probably be sleeping on the floor. The price reflects this.
+ Costs: $70. We'll take the $ upon your arrival, though we'd prefer to keep in contact in the days leading up to Fanime just to make sure you're not gonna flake on us ~
+ Requirements: Girl roommies only, please. No smoking, and drink responsibly. We don't smoke and we may drink, but only a little; nothing excessive or party-tastic. Otherwise, just generally be a respectable normal person and we'll get along fine. No stealing, blowing up the room, etc. xD
+ Contact: I probably won't notice PMs here, so please email me at bonjour_honey(at)live(dot)com, or look me up on Facebook under
+ Miscellaneous: We always hoard snacks and coffee so you're welcome to share; you'll never go hungry with us. :D Katharine also knows all the good (and inexpensive) places in the area to eat; we eat really well (no top ramen or McDonald's diets) and maybe spend $20 a day for all three meals, snacks, and coffee/boba tea/milkshakes/etc. runs. We cosplay, so we do crowd the vanity sometimes, but overall we're quiet roommates who sleep at normal hours and don't have parties, etc. We're also easy to get along with and you're welcome to hang out with us if you want to, but don't worry; we're not expecting to be your best friend if you don't want to. :D

Feel free to email/FB message me with any questions, or if you're interested ~ thanks :D!
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Re: Fanime 2012 Roommate thread
« Reply #19 on: April 16, 2012, 04:10:22 PM »

Sorry, decided to cancel and find another room :(
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