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Started by MidnightPrincess94, February 18, 2012, 06:32:12 PM

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So i've heard that some peoples panels have gotten accepted already, and i've heard that some still haven't been accepted yet, that they're supposedly supposed to be "done by the 14th"? which is true cuz i wna kno whats been accepted and what hasen't yet. Plus! i wna try and get my friends and i in a panel still, but it seems like alot of panel positions are taken. so if you're hosting a panel and need more people please by all means, let me kno.  :D


Actually, I believe approval emails were supposed to start being sent by the 14th, not done. Last year they had a few "approval rounds" so that they didn't fill all of the slots at once, to allow time for quality panels that would be submitted and accepted later. But it does help to have your panel submitted sooner rather than later.

The only email I've received so far (as the co-panelist of the hopefully-returning An Intro to Memes 2.0) was an email stating that my submission had been received and that approval emails would start being sent out after February 14th.

Hope that answers at least part of your question!
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No approvals were sent prior to today. Please see the note here: http://forums.fanime.com/index.php/topic,16825.msg433257.html#msg433257 and/or follow our twitter for updates on panel approvals.

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