What Anime(s) are you watching Now?

Started by drallcome, April 29, 2004, 04:30:41 PM

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One Piece
Peace Maker Kurogane
Saiyuki Reload
Inuyasha Movies
Kaleido Star #1
Comic Party #1
Chobits #7
Samurai Deeper Kyo #whatever the most recent is, I forget
Super GALS #ditto
Saiyuki #ditto again

Please, God, let nobody ask about the mangas!

... Hah, I wasn't poor before I got into this, but I am now.
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Too many to name!!!!!


Let's see:

Witch Hunter Robin
Abenobashi Magical Shoping Arcade
Kino's Journey
Oneagai Teacher
Great Teacher Onizuka

Hmmm... I better go sell more blood if I wanna aford all that anime.  :roll:


Kiddy Grade
Azumanga Daioh
Samurai Deeper Kyo
Puni puni poemy

Kyle stabell

Ranma 1/2

Dragon Ball GT

Gundom(when I can)
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Himura Kenshin - 100% done
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Quote from: "Mordyan"Hmmm... I better go sell more blood if I wanna aford all that anime.  :roll:

*Buys blood*

*realizes she now has no $ for more anime* DANGIT! I hate conflicting addictions... *lurks off into dark corner*
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"Maria sama ga miteru  La Vierge Marie Vous Regarde"
"Shingettan Tukihime"

There is popularity very hot !  among the Japanese "otaku" now.

I can not explain that story.
I wish I could write English well...

I hope you will excuse any inaccuracies or improper language in following above a sentence...


Slayers.. in the proper order.. not Try to Next to the Orig. lol w00t.
And Noir.. I've had it for too long, haven't watched it.. X.x I have so much anime that I haven't even touch. S'like I buy it, and then forget about it. Yesh.

I should finish ToE, and Start up Star Ocean again. hrm.. I need a decent bit torrent site! *cries*
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Matsuura, your english sounds good to me. =^-^=.  I talk to lots of japanese gamers on Final Fantasy XI online and your english is ok.  Much better than my japanese that sucks!
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Kayla Grave isn't Hayao's it's from Studio Ghibli but it's the Co-producer's... ack i forgot his name... That movie is soo sad


Witch Hunter Robin
Rurouni Kenshin(the last volume)

...Not much right now :? Thinking of watching Haibane-Renmei(?) next.
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Watch Haibane Renmei.. Its soo cool.. heheh.. =^-^=
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As of this exact moment.. I'm watching Hamelun no Violin
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aishiteruze baby

anime is suck, but there is a little girl
its pretty cute when she talks, though her crying is fake as heck
but i still feel sorry for her at times


alot XD thats all i can say >^_^<;;
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Akazukin Chacha, started Yami no Matsue, Gantz, Kyou Kara Maou, Bakuretsu Tenshi, Naruto, and I *waas* watching Full Metal Alchemist...but that stopped >.> *Grumbles*
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Quote from: "fuzzyfaery"aishiteruze baby

*LOL* That sounds like a very bad catch-phrase I used to have. XD