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Quote from: squitwert on January 21, 2013, 08:33:36 PM
Why are most of the fighting games PS3 only? >:(
xbox360's controller are pretty difficult to play on and most majority of the community prefer the PS3 controller over 360 version.  I tried the controller I can't do well with uppercut or even fireball that well compare to the PS3 controller.  PS3 controller remained the same since I grew up playing the SNES controller.  I already understand if they like to get use to all console they should stick to the fighting stick.
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my 2013 FG wishlist:

SFxT with updated version & dlc characters...
If you guys need help, I can possibly lend my PS3 (system only)

AquaPazza --there will be a handful of entrants, trust me!
I can provide a copy of the game

Darkstalkers Ressurection (Vampire Savior)



Tekken Tag Tournament 2?

- 1 v 1, best of 3

- No solo mode

- Winner must stick to their team and losers can switch out characters.

- Stages are random, unless the two players agree to a specific stage

- DLC characters included

I have the game also

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Hi, I was wondering if there could be a tournament or event for fire emblem awakening? Something where we can all meet up in the gaming hall and either battle each other or just streetpass.


Hey there I saw in the League of Legends topic in Gaming, a staffer by the name of Xepherian said you guys were organizing a LoL tournament for the con? It was about a month ago, and I just wanted to know if that was a thing that was still going on? My team would be extremely excited to participate in such an event and I'm sure plenty of others would too!

I know a decent bit about setting up tournaments, since I know you need to go through RIOT to officially set one up, and it's not too hard of a process, just minimum specifications and that's it really. I would be happy to volunteer to contact RIOT to get more information if you guys need it~


will there be an official 2013 eGaming thread posted in here or somewhere?
and will the official rules, sorta similar to the very first post in this thread, be posted somewhere in here too?
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