Manga-adaptation live-action drama Switch Girl!! looking to screen overseas

Started by chifunii, March 18, 2012, 07:11:14 PM

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In essence, as per the subject says. According to their Facebook page, they're interested in screening overseas in conventions. kopi-pei'd,

QuoteI would like to send Dramaswitchgirl to the world!!!!!
Drama switchgirl also wants to participate in the biggest event Japanexpo in France!!
In addition, I would like to participate in the event of connichi of Germany, C3 of Hong Kong, and the other anime and comics of every country in the world very much!!!
...It requires your aid.If I have you call, I will hear anywhere! Your aid and a passionate offer -- I am waiting!!!!★


Switch Girl!! was just aired on Fuji TV this past drama season (Winter 2012), so I think having it at Fanime would be pretty cool. :)
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