Karaoke List Of Music Choices?

Started by therandomeer, March 29, 2012, 10:16:20 PM

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I'm interested in joining in this year's competition, but I have no idea where to find the list of song choices, or know if they have been released yet. Help me out?   :-[
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You can sing to any song you want as long as it adheres to their rules (It has to be from an anime or japanese videogame - vocaloid songs do count - or J pop). There is a song list on their website, which I have no clue how to find at the moment. If the song you want to sing isn't on their list, you just bring in an instrumental mp3 CD.

It's best to bring your own version even if it is on the list just so you're sure of how it sounds.


Ah, alrighty. Thank you.  :D By any chance, if you happened to perform the year before, how do they display the lyrics it they say that have them in their database? I'm a bit worried that if I bring my own for a song that is in the database I may look a bit unprofessional, but if I don't I can't just go by memory. (I'm near-sighted and have trouble with my glasses...)
"When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth." -SH

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For the past few years, the lyrics have been projected. Not sure where they will be projected from this year or how they will do the scrolling (since it seems to constantly change?)

I tend to prefer memorizing lyrics if I am doing a (rare) contest, since I can focus on my performance rather than if I'm getting the words right, but that's personal preference and a tendency to do better on a song I know somewhat well if I have no lyrics rather than if I have them (since I get caught up in reading them off).

The KDD's website is http://anime-karaoke.net/ , which is where you can view their song lists. At the Sac-anime contest, I was able to play a song off my iPod, but a CD is your best bet if the song isn't in the database.

Good luck!
(I have thought about entering this year... not sure yet... I know which songs I'd want to sing, but I'm planning on wearing one of my most elaborate cosplays Friday night, so I'm not sure if I want to cut into that to do the contest... I'm never out to win, anyway, just have fun, so I might as well give that slot to someone else, you know? But I'm still considering it! This past Sac-Anime was my first karaoke contest since ~2007.)